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The wedding singer... the staple of entertainment at any wedding! Hiring a full band can be a blast, but an expensive one. Wedding singers bring their own gear, complete with backing tracks, sometimes accompanying themselves on piano or guitar. With only one person having to learn the songs the world is your oyster. Request mellow tunes during your ceremony or dinner and opt for up-tempo funk, soul and rock for the dancing.

Headliner helps you source and book great musicians, bands and DJs for your wedding, party or corporate event. Find and hire local singer for your event. Find your perfect wedding singer today.

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    The wedding singer is a staple of entertainment at any wedding! While hiring a full band can be a blast, it can be expensive. Wedding singers bring their own gear, complete with backing tracks, sometimes accompanying themselves on piano or guitar. And with only one person having to learn the songs, the world is your oyster when you're getting married. Request mellow tunes during your ceremony or dinner and opt for up-tempo funk, soul and rock for the dancing. Don't fret, your big day will be a hit! No matter what you're looking for, Headliner has the best wedding singers for hire - and we're not just talking about Adam Sandler as Robbie Hart in the comedy movie, 'The Wedding Singer'!

    What are wedding singers?

    There are so many kinds of wedding singers out there! Many come equipped to sing a variety of different songs and genres in order to appease guests of all ages. Wedding singers can deliver a wonderful night of live music for either your wedding ceremony as you're walking down the alter, or wedding reception. Since a wedding singer is so versatile, they are often able to provide bespoke sets to make your wedding tailor-made to your own specific tastes. Often, the wedding singer will be willing to sing at both your ceremony and reception. People will love the song variations!

    Wedding singers come in all shapes and forms. Whether you want background music, or their vocals at the forefront, with Headliner you have a variety of wedding singers to hire. From soul and gospel singers to rat pack and swing singers, Headliner has it all!

    What kinds of music will a wedding singer play?

    This is entirely up to you! There are different wedding singers out there to match all preferences. Whichever genre and style you choose, your wedding singer will have an extensive repertoire and vast experience in order to make your event really good. Often, they will easily be able to learn a song or two for you to make the day even that more special. You can view their repertoire on their Headliner profile.

    Depending on what style of music you're looking for, wedding singers will often keep to their genre, or span a wide range of different styles such as jazz and contemporary chart hits. If you want to party and dance like it's 1985, they can do that for you, too! Just browse through the Headliner website and you'll find a suitable artist for you.

    Popular types of wedding singers

    1. Swing Singers/Rat Pack

    Swing singers and Rat Pack singers transport your guests to an entirely different era of music. Expect everything from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin. They can be a star of the show! Swing Singers can deliver modern pop songs with a swing style. Many times Rat Pack singers will sing over backing tracks making them relatively inexpensive.

    2. Vintage Singers

    For those who want a more stylish affair right out of a film, try hiring a vintage singer. Vintage singers perform beautiful and charming classics that will transport your guests to an entirely different era. They often dress the part wearing beautiful era-appropriate attire and doing their hair. Your glamorous vintage wedding date will be perfect. With vintage singers, you can take your pick! Ranging from the Flapper 20s, the romantic 40s or the doo-wopping 50s, you're sure to make your guests happy.

    3. Jazz Singers

    Jazz Singers are the perfect option for a wedding. They really know how to set the vibe quite like a vintage singer. Jazz singers not only cover jazz classics, instead they also do jazz versions of contemporary songs. So whether you're looking for Nina Simone or Louis Armstrong, or perhaps even a jazzified Ed Sheeran number, Jazz Singers might be the best bet!

    4. Singer–guitarists

    There is nothing quite like acoustic guitar to create an ambience worth remembering. Pair that with a lovely voice, and you'll be sure to have a successful wedding you and your friends will love. Acoustic singer-guitarists are wonderful additions to any ceremony, drinks reception or main reception. They provide a warmth that is unparalleled while also knowing how to get your crowds dancing.

    5. Singer–pianists

    Much like singer-guitarists, singer-pianists can really set the mood for your event. Their piano allows them to cover both intimate emotional songs to dramatic and intense ballads. From classical music to Elton John and John Legend, singer-pianists cover a wide range of music that can provide the perfect music to suit your wedding day.

    6. Soloists

    Soloists require minimum space but provide maximum impact. Soloists usually come equipped with backing tracks. This allows for the ultimate flexibility with songs covered. You can put your mind at ease by picking between different genres like classical, relaxed jazz, swing or party sets.

    7. Classical/opera singers

    Pump up the volume with a classical or opera singer! These singers seriously pack a vocal punch. If you have a larger wedding venue, a wedding singer will be perfect for filling up the amplified space. Their repertoire comes stocked with many beautiful operatic arias and refrains from classical musicals.

    Headliner is the leading wedding singer agency where you can get a quality professional. If you're looking for wedding ceremony singer prices, look no further than Headliner! When booking a wedding singer through Headliner, everything is transparent and straightforward. If you run into any confusion, simply read our terms and conditions. For more up-to-date news and content on what's going on with Headliner, you can follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter.

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