Headliner Price Match Guarantee

We won't be beaten on price.

We'll match artist quotes from key online competitors.


  • At the time of booking, we'll price match all quotes from our online competitors for the same act, where the act is available for your chosen date and has accepted the enquiry.

  • Quoted fees must match the same date, for the same event with the same act line up, including travel, food, overnight / late fees and any other performance and production requirements.

Headliner Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a price match from Headliner?

When making a booking, price match requests from Headliner are handled via our support channel. Please tell us about the lower quote that is still in effect that you want Headliner to price match.

Headliner will then review and verify the price match request.

How do I show "proof" of quoted fee?

The best way to show proof of price is to send us the quote received from the act in the competitor’s website. We may call the act to verify the lower quote and availability.