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Become one of the thousands of artists who enjoy Headliner technology offerings, today.
Become one of the thousands of artists who enjoy Headliner technology offerings, today.

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  • Secure your payments easily and effectively via a reputable payment system.
  • Get paid on time every time.
    Full payment is taken in advance via deposit scheme and payment plan 45 days before the event. Paid into your designated account 48h after the event.
  • Cancellation protection.
    Your fee guaranteed when cancellations happen within 30 days of the event.
  • No more cash on the day.
    Accept payments through bank transfer and all major card providers.
  • Built so no one ever loses out (especially you).

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Understand your earnings, potential and lost opportunities: We provide a 360 view of your opportunities, with reports on how much you earn, the open opportunities you have, as well as the ones you lost (and why!).
  • All data broken down by month and year
  • Understand your channels better. Where are most of your enquiries coming from?
And much more...

Your own automated sales engine

We've built you a powerful sales system that you don't have to worry about, working quietly in the background as you focus on your professional career.
This intelligent system works out the best time to nudge a booker for you, reminding them to respond to your quotes.
Once booked, event reminders are also released to make sure both you and the booker are ready for the event day.

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We put in every effort, to help your effort go where it matters most: performing, and earning.

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