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Booker FAQ

How do you vet your acts?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Our team looks at every single artist profile before it goes live on our website, quality-checking their videos, audio, images and biography. We also require all our acts to have Public Liability Insurance. Our platform has a built-in testimonial and reviews system, allowing bookers to rate acts after their performance. This is an important part in our continued quality-checking process.

Do your acts have insurance?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Yes, we require all of our artists to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI). Most venues require visiting performers to have PLI and we consider it a sign of professionalism.

Can I save my searches?

07/09/2016 | permalink

We have a Wish List feature, which allows you to highlight and save your favourite Headliner acts in collections. Whether you are an event planner frequently hiring performers, or you want to share your favourites with others before making a final decision, this will help you organise your choices. Simply click the heart in the top right corner of the search image or in the act’s profile.

How does the payment process work?

03/01/2019 | permalink

If you book a Headliner act within 45 days of your event taking place, we will ask you to pay the full amount in one transaction. If your event is more than 45 days away when you make the booking, we ask you to make the payment in two stages: The first payment will be 20% of the total fee and is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining 80% of the fee is payable 45 days before the event.

All payments take place through our secure system on the Headliner platform. We will never ask you transfer money directly into an account or make a payment outside of the platform.

What happens if I have to cancel the booking?

03/01/2019 | permalink

The deposit is non-refundable. If your cancellation is made less than 45 days before your event, at which point the full fee will have been paid, you will not be entitled to any refund. In extenuating circumstances, such as force majeure or reasons outside of your control, we would make every effort to facilitate your request, however it would also be considered a lost opportunity for the act.

What happens if the act I have booked cancels?

07/09/2016 | permalink

It is very rare that our acts cancel after a booking has been confirmed, and we always check that there is a very genuine reason for the cancellation.

When booking through Headliner you benefit from our replacement act guarantee, which ensures that the replacement you receive is of the same quality and in the same style as the act you originally booked.

What happens if an act does not turn up?

28/03/2018 | permalink

In the unlikely event an act doesn't turn up, please contact us immediately:

[email protected] / (+44) 020 3322 4817

Can you find an act for me?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Yes, we can. Our platform is built to make it easy for you to browse and book artists without needing to involve a middleman. However, if you for any reason prefer us to recommend a tailored list of acts you can send us a White Glove Enquiry.

Can Headliner help me with other parts of my event?

28/03/2018 | permalink

Yes, we can. Our Booker Partner Programme consists of approved event suppliers with superb offerings. Take a look here.

What background does the Headliner team have?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Excellent question… No, seriously. Two of our founders, Stan and Maria, previously founded and ran Bandwagon, which has booked over 14000 gigs in the UK. Our third founder, tech-wiz Rosario, has years of experience building scalable systems and managed a large team of web-developers at Mendeley. The rest of our team have pretty impressive CVs too and come from a range of backgrounds, including events, design, marketing, web-development, music journalism and performance. Having put all of those skills together we are confident that our offering is one of the best available.