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Artist FAQ

Are you an agency?

07/09/2016 | permalink

No, we are not an agency. With Headliner you manage your own bookings from start to end. We are an online marketplace using technology to simplify the booking process for both artists and bookers. We aim to provide world-class entertainers and we therefore vet and quality-check all of our acts. For artists we also arrange great discounts on other services, such as flyers, business cards, videographing and insurance, through our Artist Partners. In addition, we help our artists grow and learn more about the business side of the industry by providing articles, e-books, seminars and meetups and other materials.

Does it cost money to sign up?

05/09/2018 | permalink

No, it’s completely free. We don’t believe in charging artists a subscription fee to take enquiries and bookings.

We add a relatively low service fee of 15% (plus VAT) on top of your performance fee. The breakdown of your fee and our service fee is fully transparent and it is visible during the enquiry process, as well as once the booking is confirmed. We do provide some additional services, usually via our approved Artist Partners, but this is not something we cash in on. We negotiate really good deals so that we can provide you with great discounts, as a benefit of being a Headliner act.

How many bookings will I get?

07/09/2016 | permalink

It is unfortunately impossible to predict how many booking enquiries you will receive. This depends on many factors, such as the type of act you are, your price, your location, and most importantly the quality of your profile and how good you are at keeping it up to date.

We are still a relatively new platform and we are seeing more and more bookers using Headliner as their go-to booking platform.

How do I delete my account?

07/09/2016 | permalink

We obviously don’t want to part way with any of our amazing artists, but if you for some reason find it necessary to delete your profile you need to email us at [email protected]

Please include the reason for why you want your profile to be deleted, as there might be something we can do to help you and prevent you needing to leave Headliner.

I can’t remember my password, can you send it to me?

07/09/2016 | permalink

For security reasons we do not keep a log of your password. If you cannot remember your password you need to reset it. You can do so here.

However, if you cannot remember which email address you used to set up your account we can find it for you. Email us at [email protected] and let us know the name of your act.

Do I get any benefits from being on Headliner?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Yes you do! We want to help artists make a sustainable living from doing what they do best. Our Artist Partner programme provides you with great discounts to a number of services, such as insurance, videographing, transportation and printed marketing materials. In addition, Headliner artists have exclusive access to numerous resources, which we continuously add to. Read more about artist benefits here.

Do you take money from my performance fee?

05/09/2018 | permalink

No. We add a service fee of 15% (plus VAT) to your performance fee. The breakdown of your fee and our service fee is fully transparent and it is visible during the enquiry process and once the booking confirms.

You still have complete flexibility over how you set your initial fee and what you charge for every enquiry, including travel and other expenses. We charge a service fee to enable the Headliner platform to continuously improve and deliver you more paid work.

Do you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ section? Contact us at [email protected]

How will I be paid?

07/09/2016 | permalink

We take 100% payment in advance of the event, holding it in escrow for you to protect you in the event of cancellation or non-payment. We release your performance fee directly to you 48 hours after the performance.

How do I sign up?

29/08/2018 | permalink

You can sign up here.

The sign-up process is very simple. Remember to have some great photos, video and audio to hand and only takes 4-5 minutes to set up.

Can I add genres to my profile?

29/08/2018 | permalink

Once you have completed the sign up on-boarding process, you can add additional genres in your settings under the 'what style of music do you play?' section.

If the genres available in the on-boarding process don't fit your needs, please choose a random one and update it later.

You can also let us know and we'll consider adding it as a default option for future acts.

These genres will help bookers find you and will be displayed on your public profile, so select carefully to maximise your chances of being found and booked.

Can I add more tags that are shown?

29/08/2018 | permalink

Yes. You can add tag in the public profile section of your settings.

Tags will help bookers find you, so make sure you add only tags that are relevant to your acts.

Adding too many tags or tags that are not relevant to your act could have a negative impact in your act appearing in search results.

How do I add more information about my act?

29/08/2018 | permalink

The best place to add more information about your act is in profile biography, found in the public profile section of your settings.

Biographies are at their best when they are short and snappy. Try and keep your description to 2 or 3 paragraphs for maximum impact.

We wrote a short post on how to maximise your bio. Check it out here: Writing a Killer Bio

How do I add Soundcloud / Mixcloud clips?

07/09/2016 | permalink

You can add Soundcloud and Mixcloud clips in both the sign up process and in settings.

To ensure that your songs display correctly, you must paste the link/URL from each single track and select add. If you try to add a link from private tracks, this will not work. Tracks will need to be made public to add to your Headliner profile.

How do I add Youtube / Vimeo clips?

07/09/2016 | permalink

You can add Youtube / Vimeo clips in both the signup process and in settings.

To ensure that your songs display correctly, you must paste the link/URL from each single track and select add. If you paste a link from a profile link, this will not work.

How do I add photos?

07/09/2016 | permalink

You can add photos in both the sign up process and in settings.

Each photo that you upload has a 5MB maximum file size. Please check this before uploading. Larger images may take a while to display. Do not reload the page while the upload is in progress.

How can I change my main photo?

07/09/2016 | permalink

In the top left hand corner of each photo, you will see a star. The highlighted star represents the main the photo on your profile. To change this, simply select another photo's star and this will become your main profile photo.

Photos can be added and changed in settings.

How do I add my availability?

07/09/2016 | permalink

You can select your availability in settings.

Simply click on the dates that you will not be available.

How do I get verified?

07/09/2016 | permalink

To get your profile verified, visit your settings.

Click resend verification email if you cannot find the original email we sent you at the time of signing up. We will send you an email with a link to verify your profile.

How do I set my fee?

28/07/2017 | permalink

It is extremely important to set your fees correctly so the booker has an idea as to how much your performance costs.


You can set your pricing in two ways:

Option A

You must set the minimum time you are willing to play for ie. 1 hour, 2 hours etc.

Once you have set the minimum time, you can then set a base performance fee. This excludes any additional costs for extended set duration, travel, hotels, PA etc.

Example: 1 hour minimum, £2000 performance fee. For an enquiry of 2 hours, the base quote would be £2000.

Option B

If you prefer to price on a per hour basis, you can add a minimum time, the fee for that time AND a fee per additional hours.

Example 2: 2 hour performance £1000. £250 for each additional hour performed. For an enquiry of 3 hours, the quote would be £1250.

You can update your pricing here.

Circus + Magic

Set your base fee. This is the minimum fee you would be willing to perform for. This excludes any additional costs for extended set duration, travel, hotels, equipment hire etc.

How do I add my location and willingness to travel?

07/09/2016 | permalink

You can add your location and willingness to travel in profile settings.

For location, you should add the town or city that you’re based in.

For willingness to travel, you can select from citywide, nationwide, worldwide or specify a maximum distance in miles or kilometres.

Adding your location and willingness to travel is very important. It ensures that the enquiries you receive match the criteria you have set as an act and reduces the chance of any unwanted offers.

How do I view my profile?

29/08/2018 | permalink

You can see your profile on the dropdown menu in 'Your stuff' section.

Alternatively, you can also view your public profile in settings.

The public profile button is located on the left hand site of the page below the edit profile options.

How do I ask for help?

07/09/2016 | permalink

To ask for help, either email [email protected] or select the question mark in the bottom right hand corner of your page when logged in.

One of our team will respond to your request within 2 hours.

Why is Public Liability Insurance required?

07/09/2016 | permalink

Trust and Safety is very important to us at Headliner. 100% of the enquiries you receive through the platform will be from bookers who require you to have Public Liability Insurance (PLi) at their event.

Public Liability Insurance (PLi) covers you, the act in case of damage to any equipment, property and persons when you’re playing at an event. It also covers theft or damage to all of your equipment.

HTech: What is HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

HTech is a revolutionary management tool allowing you to handle all of your booking enquiries in once place. HTech works across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and your own website, hugely reducing needless admin.

Plug HTech into each of your channels and you can collect and respond to enquiries and manage your payments - all without having to switch between accounts.

HTech: How is HTech different from the Marketplace?

10/06/2019 | permalink

HTech is a management tool allowing you to incorporate and respond to all of your bookings from different social channels into one place! Plug HTech into each of your channels and you can collect and respond to enquiries and manage your payments - all without having to switch between accounts.

The Headliner Marketplace brings world-class artists together with anyone that needs them for their event. We have made it effortless to book live entertainment whilst helping artists earn a sustainable living doing what they do best. Through the Marketplace, acts have the opportunity to create artist profiles, apply for job opportunities and receive enquiries from carefully curated leads.

HTech: Do I have to be a Marketplace user to use HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

Nope! While we invite you to check out our Marketplace (it’s free to sign up!), HTech can work as a standalone product or alongside your Headliner Marketplace profile.

HTech: How long does my free trial for HTech last?

10/06/2019 | permalink

You are welcome to try HTech out for 30 days, free!

HTech: What are the billing options for HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

HTech is subscription based, with two billing options. You can choose between a monthly payment of £14.99 (totaling £179.88) or an annual payment of £9.99 per month totalling £119.88. Please note, if you choose the annual plan the £119.88 is due immediately.

HTech: Is there a service charge for HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

HTech is subscription based, so there is no additional service charge added to your fees.

If you are a Marketplace user, please note that there is a 15% service charge + VAT added to the fees listed on your Headliner Marketplace profile. This service charge is only collected if a booking is confirmed through the Headliner Marketplace.

HTech: Can I cancel my HTech subscription?

10/06/2019 | permalink

You can cancel your HTech subscription at any time. You can do so here.

HTech: Can I send contact details with HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

HTech is a management tool to help make all of your bookings easier. Contact details are immediately available to bookers enquiring through HTech plugins.

HTech: Where can I send feedback for HTech?

10/06/2019 | permalink

We’d love to hear from you! Please send HTech feedback to [email protected]