Really good wedding bands are worth their weight in gold, and at Headliner we are lucky to have some of the best. We sat down with the amazing Spotlight Band to ask them what they love about weddings gigs, what the secret is to a great performance and much more. The Spotlight Band are shooting their new wedding showreel in spring/summer this year, and are offering free wedding entertainment to one lucky couple! Click here to read more.


When did you form The Spotlight Band?

We formed the band many years ago but the new line up started last year (2015) as a complete new and fresh idea


Aside from the main band do you offer any other music throughout the day?

Absolutely! We have Spotlight Jazz or Spotlight live Lounge who perform acoustic pop hits – both perfect compact options for creating a fantastic atmosphere behind the drinks reception for example. We can also provide a live pianist behind dinner or even a harpist!

And of course we have our Spotlight DJ’s – the best guys in the business who have some incredible live gigs behind them! We are very lucky to have such talented artists and musicians within the Spotlight team!


The Spotlight Band


What is the most requested first dance song?

Thinking out loud! It’s a real classic smoocher. However, we’ve also had a few fun ones with funky dance routines and full on pumping groove! Funnily enough we’ve just written a fun blog post about it here where you can even see a video of a cool routine. Read it here.


And what about the last song?

We like to finish on a massive high – Sex on fire is always a huge floor filler as well as don’t stop believing. You want the party to be something highly memorable and we really try to create an almost festival like atmosphere!


How do you like to finish off an amazing performance at the end of the night?

We’ve never finished a gig without an Encore! Then we like to throw on some more pumping tunes from our DJ playlist or have one of our amazing live DJ’s hit the decks!


You guys cover a wide range of music, from pop to disco, rock and RnB, what are your favourite genres and artists to cover?

We love to do such a mixture of tunes from the old school soul to the modern day Rock and pop. The great thing about weddings is that usually, there is a real age range of guests there, so we like to make sure there’s something for everyone to get their groove on, shaking their thang!

However, if we had to choose in particular, we would day artists like Stevie wonder, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson with perhaps some Bruno Mars sprinkled on top!


You will soon be shooting your new wedding video. What is the best part of playing at weddings?

The best part is the audience and their energy! We definitely vibe from our audience’s participation. And of course, we do get to see a LOT of…interesting dancing styles!


If you can pick one, what is the most memorable and fun event you have played at?

Definitely hands down was our NYE gig in Dubai at one of the most exclusive hotels on the Palm – the dance floor was completely packed and we performed with the setting of the beach behind us under the starts – it was just epic!


Finally, what do you think is the most important thing to ensure that guests and audiences are enjoying themselves and having an absolutely amazing time?

The most important thing would have to be that they don’t need to worry about the band! It’s our job to make sure the music runs smoothly without any hitches. It’s crucial to create a “party” atmosphere where people can opt in to dance at any point. We love to have fun and we want everyone to feel that they are part of an amazing night!



Head over to their profile to enter the competition, listen to some of their amazing tracks and to view their showreel. Tweet The Spotlight Band [email protected]

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