Are you getting married and are looking for the best wedding hymns for your wedding singer to sing at your ceremony?

Headliner provides the top wedding ceremony songs and wedding music inspiration! A good wedding hymn can really seal the deal on one of the most important moments in any couple’s life! To help along your wedding hymn journey, the Headliner team has compiled an ultimate guide to the perfect popular wedding hymns!

The ultimate wedding hymn Spotify playlist:

If you want all of the best wedding hymns in one place, look no further than Headliner! We’ve compiled an awesome Spotify playlist to help you with your decision. This playlist includes our top ten wedding hymns as well as the best wedding hymns in the UK. We’ve taken a look at the best variety of wedding hymns (both traditional wedding hymns and modern wedding hymns) and compiled a special playlist for your special day.

Headliner’s Guide to Choosing Church Wedding Hymns:

We’ve also outlined what rules you should typically follow with Church of England hymns, as well as practical advice. There are many different ways that couples may choose to get married. If you decide that a church wedding is a perfect way to start your married life, the perfect church wedding hymns are a must! Just picture yourself walking down the church aisle, with all your friends and family in the pews ready to be part of your church ceremony! There definitely will be a few happy tears! Make sure to seal the deal with the perfect wedding hymns to invoke the most beautiful emotions for you, your partner and all of your guests!

If you’re looking to hire live wedding entertainment for your ceremony, Headliner is the perfect platform to use. We have the best professional wedding entertainment, certified in helping to lead the hymns. From gospel choirs to classical singers, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from.

Choosing wedding hymns – how to start:

The most important thing to keep in mind with church weddings is that there are certain guidelines you should follow. Weddings held in a church are religious ceremonies. Throughout, you can have as many hymns, worship songs and Bible passage readings as can fit within your time slot. If desired, you are also allowed to have some non-religious songs, as well. These might have to be approved with the church’s minister ahead of time.

If you’re deciding to have a civil wedding or civil partnership, then you shouldn’t include any religious content. Hymns wouldn’t be appropriate, nor allowed in the church. You may wish to discuss other songs or music that you would like in its place with your registrar.

Choosing the right hymns for your wedding is important. In order to pick one, it’s helpful if you choose from some you already know, especially if you already go to church or are in a choir. Whether you’re looking for traditional classics or contemporary hymns, chances are you will be able to find a popular song that everyone will like. If you don’t already know many hymns, we have created this guide to help: 

1. Ask your family about hymns they know:

Going directly to family is nice for many reasons. First, they will be flattered you’re consulting them with music for the big day. Secondly and more practically, if you choose hymns that they know, they will be able to sing along!

2. Ask what hymns are popular at your church:

If you speak with your local organist, he or she will be able to tell you what songs they know how to play best. If you’re using a choir, they will also already know how to sing them, as well as the priest, vicar or minister.

3. Choose hymns that suit your style of wedding:

If you’re going for a more traditional feel for your wedding, you might want to pick songs that reflect that. The classics are classic for a reason! They are the most likely to be well known by all guests. However, there isn’t any rules between old hymns and new. You get to decide exactly how your day will go.

4. Choose from Headliner’s Top 10 Wedding Hymns: 

Choosing the right weddings hymns can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of our top ten wedding hymns to help you with your decision making process. These hymns are tried and tested and we can guarantee most of your guests will be able to sing along to them. All of these hymns are included in the Headliner Spotify playlist above, should you want to give them a listen.

5. Consider whether or not a choir is needed: 

Choirs can add a fantastic element to your wedding ceremony. The harmonies of different voices coming together to sing your chosen hymn certainly can be one to remember. When hiring a choir, it’s important to remember that there are at least four or more members participating. Depending on your budget, hiring a professional choir might not be the most affordable option. Hiring a choir is dependent on your budget.

6. Go with your heart:

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. Pick the wedding hymns that are significant to you and your partner. It’s your special day and the music should reflect that for you. Happy picking!

Headliner is proud to help source the best in wedding ceremony entertainment. If you’re looking for a wedding singer or a string quartet for your big day, look no further!

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