Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable, personal, and fulfilling journey. Every choice you make will contribute towards the overall atmosphere of your special day. But there’s no need to be nervous about it: stay inspired, focused, and organised by taking full advantage of the intuitive planning tools available online.

Take your choice of music, for example. What musical act or entertainment you choose is one of the key elements of the day that brides and grooms always want to get right, and is something that will have an impact on everyone’s memory of the wedding. Whether you’ve always had the song for your first dance in mind or are open to exploring different options to keep your guests entertained, Headliner is a simple tool that helps you track down musical performers to match the tone of your event.

Ready to get planning? We’ll start with a simple but important question: is a band or DJ the best option for your wedding?  

Set the tone

Most people have at least a vague idea of the overall tone they’d like for their wedding. Maybe you’re a couple of keen festival-goers whose happiest memories involve hazy summer afternoons watching bands in a field, and you’d like to recreate that kind of vibe for on your wedding day. Maybe your concept of everlasting love is influenced by films, and you’d like to channel the romantic atmosphere of a particular scene in your celebrations. Or maybe you want your wedding to go down as the maddest, most memorable late night party that you and your friends have ever experienced.

Each of these situations lends itself to a different type of performance – perhaps an indie folk band for the festival goers, an intimate solo singer for the romantics, and a club-style DJ for the party animals.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be one of these themes that you choose. You’ll naturally want your wedding to reflect your own tastes, but by thinking carefully about the tone you want to create, you can narrow down your search from a broad spectrum of performers to just the ones relevant to your particular type of wedding.


Strike up the band

Generally speaking, live bands are good for creating an energetic, spontaneous, and uninhibited atmosphere for your wedding. They can serve to remind your guests that they’re witnessing a special, once-in-a-lifetime performance.

When choosing a band, be sure to consult closely with your partner about the type of performance that you’d both like. Opposites may attract, but even couples with conflicting tastes are bound to have a bit of shared ground when it comes to entertainment. If you’re unsure a good place to start is  choosing your wedding song, which might give you some inspiration for the sort of genre you should aim for.


You’ll also need to consider the practical issues that may arise when hiring different types of bands for different venues. Issues such as the room size, capacity, location, acoustics, and equipment can all factor into what’s possible. Wedding venues will usually be keen to accommodate your needs, and experienced bands are used to adapting their performance style to the room that they are playing. Regardless, communicating everything  clearly from the start helps to eliminate potential issues before they arise.


Hey Mr DJ

While live bands have the potential to bring dynamism and energy to your wedding, a talented wedding DJ can be just as memorable. This type of performance is particularly apt if you want to keep the party pumping for longer than your average live music performance, or if there are certain songs where only the original recorded version will do.

It’s not just dance hits or cheesy pop songs that DJs specialise in. Headliner has a wide range of DJs to browse through, collectively specialising in a diverse array of genres and musical eras. Use the genres and eras filter on the side of the page to narrow down your choice to those capable of creating the vibe you’re after.

DJs are generally versatile performers, and an experienced one can turn any venue into a vibrant musical setting. However, it is still wise to double check with your venue that the DJ you have in mind will be suitable for the space you’re hiring. Ask practical questions such as what equipment will be available, where the DJ will be able to set up, and whether the venue has any sound restrictions to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with before the party commences.


Know your crowd

As much as your band or DJ needs to be the right choice for you and your partner, you’ll also want your guests to respond positively so that they enjoy the celebration alongside you. Even if you have a burning passion for ‘90s hip-hop, a DJ spinning gangster rap all evening will rarely go down well with a room full of middle aged relatives. Similarly, a slow-paced set filled with love ballads is unlikely to thrill your party-loving mates from school or university.

It all comes down to knowing your crowd and planning the entertainment accordingly. One option might be to hire a band that specialises in covering well-known pop songs for your early evening entertainment, then scheduling in a late evening DJ to amp up the party vibes once your less lively guests have departed. Headliner’s search filters will help you locate ideal performers for all kinds of scenarios, giving you the reassurance of knowing that every aspect of your wedding entertainment is carefully planned, and unforgettable for all the right reasons.




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