It’s well known that when paired correctly, great music can make for a fantastic wedding. Understandably, when you are hosting the most special night of your life, you’ll want the best wedding tunes to remember. This is because the marriage songs that are played at your wedding will certainly be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. From DJs to function bands, singers to harpists, string quartets to karaoke sing-alongs, the songs played at your wedding are special and will help make it an amazing experience.

Realistically, the wedding music list you choose for your ceremony and reception should be chosen in advance. For instance, if you’re having a church wedding, you might need to consult with your parish and send your wedding song list prior to your wedding day. When focusing on your wedding reception, you generally tend to have more leniency in picking the right tracks for your best party vibe. Many DJs and function bands will be able to take some requests you might have ahead of time, as well. Headliner acts are seasoned in playing the top wedding songs in the UK. If they don’t cover those chosen wedding songs, they’ll be happy to discuss other wedding song ideas with you. From the moment you walk down the aisle through to your first dance, the majority of the main songs played at your wedding will stay in your memory, and the memory of your wedding guests for a long time in the future.

We’ve compiled a few Spotify playlists of some of our top wedding songs for you to choose from for your big day:

First Dance Songs:

Picking the perfect first dance song for your wedding can be difficult. It’s the first dance you and your partner will have as a married couple. If you’re concerned about finding the perfect song for your big moment, this Spotify playlist is the one for you. This playlist is all about love and celebrating the special bond built between two people.

Bride Entrance Songs:

Here comes the bride! With this playlist, it’s all about her! Now’s the time to find the best tracks to compliment the bride’s style, grace and that beautiful wedding outfit that was chosen!

Last Dance Songs:

Go out with a bang! When you near the end of your wonderful party you’ll want to pick the best music to dance along with your friends and family with. This Spotify playlist encapsulates the songs that demonstrate just how wonderful the day was and hopefully will leave everyone with a smile as they depart to go home.

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