Avalon Jazz Band – one of our many amazing NY acts 

Exciting update…Headliner has expanded across the ocean to America! As Headliner grows, we want to continue helping as many artists as we can make a sustainable living doing what they do best. We have already had many incredible acts sign up across the states, mostly in New York City. That being said, we would like to welcome all of our American acts to the Headliner family!

Headliner also continues to grow in the U.K., and we wanted to thank all of our wonderful acts and bookers for choosing us – we wouldn’t be here without you all! We value both our bookers and artists very deeply and are so proud of the incredible work our artists produce.

Because of our growing exposure in America, we have launched a new U.S.-based Headliner website in order to make the search process more streamlined for state-side customers. We are so excited about this expansion and are already very impressed with the amazing talent of the U.S. based acts that have joined Headliner.

As we continue to grow in America, our mission of the company does not change:

“We want to make the booking of entertainment simpler and more accessible for bookers.”


“We believe that artists should have complete control over their careers, choosing the opportunities best suited for them.”

Welcome to the family, American Headliners 🙂



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