In this issue of the Headliner blog, we present to you The Audio Allstars. Having been together for just over a year, Gavin Munn (Gav M), Gavin Courtie (Gav C), Tony Goodwin, Manuel Perez, and David Gonzales Lobo are veteran musicians who have toured with some of the biggest names in the business such as The Arctic Monkeys and Supergrass. They have also performed at numerous festivals including Reading, Leeds, and the Isle of Wight. Hear them share how memories keep them motivated, the sacrifices they made as musicians, and more…

How was the band formed in the first place?

The project began when Gav M, formerly an award-winning Robbie Williams tribute artist, proposed to Gav C, an experienced touring and session player, a plan of forming a function band in the UK that would possess the same energy, excitement, and performance levels as any top-notch stadium rock bands. Using their connections with other musicians, it did not take long to recruit Tony and David, who both saw the potential of the idea. At that time, Manuel was looking to join a band from the UK, so when he had heard of Gav M’s ‘project’, he upped and moved from Spain! Thus, The Audio Allstars were born.

What type of event does the band like to play in the most?

We love to play at any event, be it a christening or a funeral. On a serious note, every event is very different, but we draw similar excitement from all of them. For example, weddings are particularly fun, as we get to accompany the newlyweds’ first-ever dance together, but corporate events can also be amusing, in that we can watch work colleagues let their hair down and embarrass themselves. As long as it is a venue where we have enough room to dance and jump around with the audience, we are all for it!

You played AT OVER A hundred events. Can you name and describe the most memorable gig you have ever done?

We played in a beautiful wedding at the Eden Project in Cornwall. The place is a greenhouse inside a huge bio dome; it was as if we were in a tropical paradise, or as Manuel put it, ‘Jurassic Park’. When it got dark, the stars outside were amazing, and along with the magnificent lighting effects indoors, the whole event became even more breathtaking. Everybody danced to our songs and had a great time, and that was probably the first time the Eden Project ever had a conga line dancing around palm trees to Uptown Funk…

The Audio Allstars at the Eden Project, Cornwall

What Is it about a typical ‘the Audio Allstars’ performance that varies from those of other session bands?

What makes our performance unique is that we engage the audience like no other bands you have ever seen before. Being the all-round frontman that he is, Gavin M breaks the ‘fourth wall’ by energetically involving the audience and dancing with them off-stage. Then there is Manuel, who ‘bosses’ the keytar and joins Gavin to get up close and personal with the crowd. We are sure that David would also be dancing with the ladies if not for his drum set!

How do you like to finish off a performance?

We finish off every performance with a massive sing-along to get everybody moving on the dance floor. Usually ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen is a safe bet!

What is the band’s favourite genre to perform?

There isn’t one really. Each of us love different genres of music, so we all get the chance to perform each of our favourite songs. Gavin M loves anything that is pop, and Gavin C has been playing soul for a long time; David has a soft spot for funk, while Tony and Manuel are keen on rock and progressive rock, respectively. No matter what set list we are playing, this distinct groovy sound that we create normally makes people dance quite a bit!

What is an accomplishment of the band that you are particularly proud of?

The speed of how our popularity and support have grown. Within two months of being together, we were already playing in massive corporate events for companies such as Liverpool Victoria at the Bournemouth International Centre. We sang in around fifty weddings and event gigs in our first six months. Looking back, it is hard to believe we have only been together for merely a year.

What keeps you motivated to travel from places to places the past year to perform?

Making people happy has always been our prime motivating force. As musicians, there is nothing better than seeing the smiles and grins on people’s faces while you are playing for them. You know you have made their evening a special one when they are still telling you about the event after a couple of weeks. And thanks to the power of social media, we and the audience can relive our performances over and over… we put together good memories for people and this is motivation enough!

What is your biggest sacrifice as musicians? and how do you overcome this?

The biggest sacrifice is that, unlike everybody else, we literally have no free weekends. While our family and friends are all on holidays and enjoying themselves during the weekends, we as musicians are always working. When we happen to be available on a Tuesday night, people do not intend to go out socialising. But this is the life of an artist, I guess…

We overcome this by making sure that we spend plenty of time with our families during the week whenever we are not rehearsing. Each of us work in the music business all the time, whether it is writing and recording music for TVs and radio stations, teaching instruments classes, or managing a choir. Although music is our lifelong passion and profession, we still try our best to spend time with our loved ones as much as we can.

What is A signature ‘Audio Allstars’ song?

Every single one of our mash-ups! We put together soul, rock, and funk songs spanning the last five decades. You can expect The Jackson 5 and Pharrell in a single melody, or a fusion of Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, and The White Stripes.

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