Picking a theme for your wedding is a mammoth task, and one that you and your partner will likely deliberate over for a while. So, once you’ve settled on your perfect theme for the big day, finding a live band that will seamlessly fit into that theme can also seem like a rather daunting feat. But, fear not — the hardest part is over. Since you’ve landed on this page, you might be considering an acoustic set for your big day, and what a perfect choice — acoustic styles can vary, and fit many wedding styles.  

Whether you’re having a rustic, countryside wedding, or a small, elegant gathering of your closest friends and family, you will want a band that suits the overall themes present in your big day. Once you’ve honed in on the elements that will differentiate your plan from any other, it is time to find the perfect match in music.  


1. The rustic outdoors wedding


If your wedding theme is rustic, taking place in the countryside, or with an outdoorsy focus, you may be looking for an acoustic band with folky undertones to suit your style. One thing to consider will be the placement of the band as, if you want them performing outside, you may have to make additional arrangements for power supplies, and rainy day options.

If you want to take some of the hassle out of an outside performance, however, Free to Roam may be your perfect band, as they pride themselves on being completely acoustic, unaided by any electric amps or microphones. Their upbeat style, consisting of two guitars, a sax, and vocals, will suit any number of wedding venues and styles, and could be just what you’re looking for. Another group that would work well in a country-themed wedding, would be the duo, Moonshine. Their set can range from relaxed covers in a quieter setting, to an evening of ‘on-the-dancefloor’ vibes, getting your guests on their feet and dancing the night away.


2. The classic white wedding


If your heart is set on the fairytale white wedding, church wedding, or other more formal proceedings, you will likely be looking for music to match. Many dream of walking down the aisle to their favourite piece of classical music, or dancing their first dance to a bespoke rendition of their most memorable song as a couple. Well, with the abundance of talent in the UK music industry today, you will have no trouble making your dreams come true, through your music choices. Take, for instance, the classical stylings of the immensely talented classical guitarist, Maria Camahort. Maria’s focus, throughout her musical study, has been on classical chamber music, and her style is perfect for that classical image you have of walking down the aisle.


3. Party the night away

Tara and Louise -

If your main priority, when it comes to music, is making sure everyone has something they will enjoy, and getting all your guests up on the dancefloor, your acoustic group will need to be lively and engaging. Having acoustic music does not mean having to settle for more tranquil tones — in fact, some of the liveliest acts around are made up of simply vocals and guitar. If you want an act that can traverse a variety of styles, get people dancing with their popular covers, and bring something a little different to your wedding day, then check out the unique sound of female duo, Union Avenue. They specialise in tight harmonies to the backdrop of a single acoustic guitar. Mixing crowd-pleasers with more intimate ballads, this pair can cater to any part of your wedding day, from the ceremony, to the party stretching into the wee hours.


4. Vintage


Vintage weddings, encapsulating many definitions of the word ‘vintage’, are becoming ever-more popular these days. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, there will be a musical style you have in mind, and we aim to help you find just that.

If you’ve got a vintage theme running through the day’s proceedings, your musical style should be no exception. Whether you want modern tracks in a vintage, soulful style, or golden oldies from an array of eras, there will be something to suit your style. Bird & the Bad Man, for example, cover a whole host of tracks, spanning multiple styles and musical eras, with music from the likes of Etta James, right up to current Jessie J tracks, and everything you could imagine in between.


5. Especially for you


Whether you want something bespoke for your big day, or a great selection of covers, or even a mix of both, there is an acoustic act out there to suit your needs. Take Music by Kate and Dave, for example: these guys will arrange a unique cover of your favourite song, just for your special occasion. A newly married couple themselves, they could be a great fit for your wedding day. From the signing of the register, to the very last dance, they can adapt to suit your ideal scenario. With bespoke covers being their specialty, you are sure to get something memorable with a set from this duo. Why settle for average, when you could have the best of unique experiences on your big day?

If you’ve found inspiration for your wedding here, do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the above bands to discuss arrangements for your wedding. If, however, you’re looking for something even more unique, and haven’t quite found it here, why not browse through our wider selection of solo acts, duos, and bands, that would fit perfectly with your acoustic theme.




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