When you’re organising a corporate event that needs to impress, every choice you make should be carefully planned. From catering to venue hire, decorations and invitations, your job is all about making sure everything comes together perfectly on the big day.

It can be daunting, sure, but there’s also a certain thrill to successfully pulling off an event that’s taken weeks to plan (not to mention the added bonus of looking good in front of your boss and colleagues!).

To ensure that your corporate event is a roaring success, we’ve come up with the definitive how-to guide for one of the most important bookings you can make: your musical entertainment.


Why book a musical act for a corporate event?


Whether you’re arranging a corporate dinner, an awards ceremony, or a staff Christmas party, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a live performer to set the right tone and make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Music has the potential to liven up your guests, start conversations, and forge lasting relationships. It can also help to anchor your event in people’s minds and associate your company with a particular style or trend – this makes live music a powerful tool for winning the loyalty of your colleagues and impressing clients.

With so much riding on your choice of music, it’s essential that you book the right act for your event. Luckily, Headliner’s database contains hundreds of diverse and talented acts to choose from. With intuitive search tools at your disposal, you’ll soon be browsing through dozens of artists, bands, and DJs with the potential to turn your corporate event into an unforgettable experience.


How to match music with your event


Rather than scrolling through the acts that instinctively appeal to your personal tastes, take a professional approach by considering the type of music that will best match the event you’re organising. Grab a pen and some paper, and begin jotting down the buzzwords that you’d like people to associate with your event.

For example, does your Christmas party need be classy, formal, and elegant, or would your office prefer something more lively, informal, and edgy? The impression you want to make will dictate the type of performer you end up booking, so take some time to carefully consider the tone you’ve been tasked with creating for your event.

Let’s take the first scenario as an example. Say you work for a large corporate firm, and have been given the job of organising a formal dinner for high-ranking executives and important clients to attend. In this situation, you can immediately rule out the idea of booking a rock band or club-style DJ, as this type of entertainment doesn’t match the sophisticated atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

A more suitable musical performance might come from a string quartet, a virtuoso solo musician, or a soft azz band — all of which have the potential to add an impressive touch of class to your event. Think carefully about the brief you have been given and consider the implications of hiring different performers. Your choice should add something to the intended ambience, not detract from it.


How to find the perfect performer

By now, you will hopefully have made a few notes on the type of atmosphere you want for your event, and the style of performance that you think could help to enhance it. The next step is to track down some real artists who can emulate the tone you’re after.

Head over to the Headliner search. Here’s where your hypothetical ideas and inspired scribblings come to life: we’re going to use Headliner’s filters to narrow down hundreds of artists, leaving you with the ones who will be relevant to your particular event.

Continuing with the formal dinner example, let’s use those filters on the left hand side of the page to locate the acts we’re looking for. Under ‘Performance Type’, ticking the boxes for ‘Solo’ and ‘Quartet’ will reveal dozens of artists who match our criteria.

At this stage, you may wish to browse through the results displayed and check out each artist’s profile (including their bio, photos, videos, audio clips and example set lists). To continue the search further, try using the ‘Genres & Eras’ and ‘Instruments played’ filters, which allow you to be extra specific about the performers that show up in your search.

Create wish lists with your favourites, to keep track of your shortlisted acts.

Final arrangements

You’ve finished your search, so all that’s left to do is contact each band or artist on your shortlist. Getting in touch is as simple as clicking the ‘Request a quote’ button on the artist’s Headliner profile.

As well as requesting a quote from each performer, use your initial email to ask important questions such as how much space they will need and whether they will provide their own sound system. Once you’ve heard back from everyone, you’ll be in an informed position to choose the best band or artist for the job.

If you’ve got a budget to play with, you may decide to book two or three acts for your event – after all, with so many talented performers to choose from, you needn’t settle for just one! By following these simple steps there’s no doubt that your corporate event is going will be a huge success.

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