The P.Y.T’s are one of Headliner’s most popular function bands, and they have been with us from the start. The energy and talent they bring to the stage is unparalleled, and they have played at some incredible events. We sat down for a little chat with them…

Introduce yourselves with a few lines: Who are The P.Y.T’s?

We are a young band made up of accomplished and experienced musicians who are committed to bringing a fresh, professional and modern touch to your event, whatever it may be.

What type of events do you usually do?

We play at all types of events, from weddings to parties and corporate events. Last year alone we played for the BBC and also Facebook’s Summer and Christmas parties, which were all amazing.

If you can pick one, what is the most memorable and fun event you have played at?

That one’s easy: Facebook’s Christmas Party at Abbey Road Studios. It was a musician’s dream!

PYTs Facebook Xmas Party

The P.Y.T’s playing at Facebook’s Christmas party

What sets you apart from other bands like you? 

Our sets flow like a DJ set with a live band feel, and we like to mix in modern classics over your favourite songs. Also, the core band has been playing together for 10 years! We work very well together and can focus on delivering a great show.

Aside from the main band, do you offer any other lineups?

Yes, we offer many different lineups. We go all the way from a duo or trio up to a 16-piece band.

The music you play spans so many genres, from soul to funk and pop. Do you have a favourite artist to cover?

We’ve recently started experimenting with 90s RnB, the music of our younger years, which has been a lot of fun.

How do you like to finish off an amazing performance at the end of the night?

Towards the end of the set we link together tried and tested crowd pleasers that we know will go down a storm.

Finally, what do you think is the most important thing to ensure that guests and audiences are enjoying themselves and having an absolutely amazing time? 

I believe the singers are the most important part of the band. They’re the main connection between the audience and the music so if they’re having a good time then the audience is too.


Here’s a taster of a P.Y.T’s performance. To see more go to their profile, where you can watch, listen and get in touch with them.


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