London based duo, Ed and Oliviya definitely demonstrate the power of two. Emerging singer/songwriters, these two have played and recorded with several celebrities in the scene including One Direction, Conor Maynard and Betsy Blue-English.  Their professional and flexible approach towards giving their guests a night to remember to is sure to inspire. Recently, they even booked a wedding through Headliner in under 37 minutes – talk about efficiency! We decided to ask them a few questions…

Tell us about yourselves.  How did you form your acoustic duo?

We met at our university, The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Ed studied music production and Oliviya did vocals. Ed started producing Oliviya, and as he is also a guitarist, they decided to start gigging together.

You recently booked a wedding through Headliner in under 37 minutes! We think that’s fantastic. Describe your approach towards working with your potential clients.

We are very responsive and caring when it comes to dealing with clients. We understand what it is like to be on the other side and it can be very stressful, which is why we always keep the organisation to a 110% to comfort the client.

What performance options do you offer for your clients?

We offer different time sets, but to be honest we try and work around the client and see what they want first to suit their needs as much possible.

Following that, what type of events do you usually play at? What was a recent favourite?

We play at all different type of events such as weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions. Our favourite type of events are weddings. We love performing on what we call ‘the best day of their life!’ To be part of that is something very special to me and Oliviya.

What genres of music can guests expect to hear if you play their events?
From pop to old school, from the likes of Jessie J to Stevie Wonder! We also take requests and try and make our set list to fit the event as much as possible!
How do you like to finish off an amazing set at the end of the night?

We love to get people involved whether it’s dancing to singing! We love sharing our passion and making it the best atmosphere we can do!

What do you believe is the key to being a great duo?

Understanding one another. We have great chemistry together and performing as one, rather than two individuals.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Doing what we love and what we are passionate about. It’s a dream job!

Finally, what do you think is the most important thing to ensure that quests and audiences are enjoying themselves and having an absolutely amazing time?

By us giving them energy and making sure they have a day/night to remember!

You can hire Ed & Oliviya via Headliner.


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