Bored of the standard music set up at events? Looking for something surprising or different to entertain your guests? You can still make the magic happen – literally! Consider hiring a magician for your next event.

Hiring a magician is a great way to bring your guests together in a unique way. Magicians offer a wealth of fantastic performance options that can bring your party to the next level. With options ranging from stunning variety shows to close-up walkabout acts, you’ll sure to find the perfect entertainer for your event! Perhaps you fancy some escapists or mentalism, instead? At Headliner, we have you covered.

We’ve created a list of a few of our top magicians on platform below. Make sure to check back here, for an regularly updated list of magicians for hire.

Richard Pinner

Richard Pinner has visited over 30 countries with shows ranging from 4 minutes at a board meeting through to support act for Victoria Wood to making a car appear!

He is a member of The Inner Magic Circle, Close up Magician of the Year 1999 and Stage Magician of the Year 2014.

Norville and Josephine

Norvil & Josephine is a show that blends spectacular comedy magic with amazing acrobatics and singing. This mind-boggling award-winning double act has performed on London’s West End, throughout the UK, internationally and on live television.  It’s an energetic show of magical escapism at its best.

With or without the big props, they will build you a show to suit your space, budget and time requirements. It can include sawing the assistant in half and a funny contortion dance (or aerial hoop) scene with singing and a flying table. Then as a finale they can perform the flashy and jaw-dropping escape from a chained trunk.  There’s also audience participation and lots more surprises. They’ll give you a show that’ll leave your guests talking about your event for years to come.

Steve Price

Steve Price is one of the UK’s busiest and most well-established magicians. He is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle; he has won The Magic Circle’s Originality Prize; and for three years he served as The Magic Circle’s Honorary Secretary, leaving the post only when the sheer quantity of his professional engagements made it impossible for him to continue in the role.

A versatile and original magical entertainer, Steve now balances his time performing for private clients around Europe, at public and corporate events, and on luxury cruise liners.


Scoop is a multi-talented magician who can perform either in close-up situations or in a cabaret or stage environment. His close up performances guarantee giggles and gasps as the impossible happens right under people’s noses, sometimes even in their own hands. His stage show combines conjuring with comedy, juggling, mind control and danger to create an unforgettable experience.

Andy Jamieson

Andy specialises in providing interactive close-up magic and table magic. When you hire him, your guests will enjoy a truly unique experience filled with amusement and glee. Andy caters for a wide variety of events at an array of venues which include weddings, trade shows, corporate events, children’s birthday parties and more.

Frostie the Magician

Frostie can provide Magic on stage and in hands. From intimate close-up gigs which will put smiles on faces and leave audiences wondering ‘how?’ To a full on family stage show full of fun, laughter, ventriloquism and of course Mind-blowing Magic, and with a musical and magical mind reading ending similar to Derren Brown. Frostie’s Shows and close-up routines are original, fun, but above all magical.

Paul Ray

Paul has been an entertainer for over 30 years experience, he comes from a show business family, his parents worked on cruise ships with their magic act for many years.
Paul is a very funny guy, who uses good magic mixed with comedy to entertain your guests, whether its close up magic, parlour or stage.

Jay Adkins Mind Magician

Jay Adkins as leaves his audience mesmerised, engaged and amused with his naturally charming and entertaining style of stage mentalism, close-up magic. Combining psychological mind-manipulation together with magic and comedy, Jay brings a fresh vitality to the genre of Mentalism. His inimitable style combined with memory feats that stun and amaze, Jay uses psychology, showmanship, hypnosis, suggestion, and cold reading to captivate and engage his audience.

David Masters Magician

David Masters offers an exciting modern approach to magic. If you have seen the likes of Dynamo and David Blaine then you will love David Masters.

David is an amazing magician offering a full bespoke service perfect for any event. From close up walkabout magic to fantastic stage show and cabarets David will make any event memorable. People choose David for a bespoke and unique experience with fantastic entertainment all the way through. Mind blowing tricks and illusions that have never been seen before and separates David out from the rest of the field.

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