Whether you’re a new musician to Headliner or have been with us for a while, we are so glad you have joined. We want the best for you and your music, which is why we are here to give you some tips on how to create a Headliner profile that will impress bookers and get you gigs. We want you to be able to make a living doing what you love!

Choose a profile picture that will stand out

First impressions can make all the difference. Profile pictures are a great way to capture the interest of a booker on first glance. Make sure you use a photo that is clear, not blurry, and will stand out amongst pages of profile photos.

Headliner tip: Photos with warm, bright colors and photos of yourself performing tend to stand out more.

Add clips / tracks of your sound

It is very important to include quality videos or sound tracks of yourself performing / singing. When bookers are searching for acts, they are going to want to hear you to know if you fit the sound they want for their event. If you don’t include a demo of yourself, they may skip over your profile.

Headliner tip: It is sometimes difficult to clearly hear acts’ performances over side conversations or the audience singing when the video is from a live event. Make sure to include videos of yourself performing in a quiet atmosphere as well, so the booker can clearly hear your sound.

Make your “about” section short, but informative. 

You want bookers to have an understanding of the type of styles you specialise in or how you would make a great pick for their event. You do not want put in too many minor details that will confuse the booker or cause them to stop reading. Keeping your “about” section short, but informative will allow bookers to have a clear understanding of who you are, your experience, and the style of music you perform.

Headliner tip: Try spacing the information out to 2-4 short paragraphs for an easy read for bookers.

Include a set list

Including a set list in your profile is another way to let bookers know what they can expect from your performance or what songs you know how to perform. If you are willing to learn songs for an event, however, that would be great information to include in your “about” – bookers will love to see that.

Headliner tip: Naming your set lists based on event or music style will help the booker know songs you have used in the past for events.

Add reviews

When bookers are looking through acts, they like to see what other bookers have to say.  Let the reviews (from bookers you have worked with previously) brag about you! It is important for you to include a few reviews so bookers can hear how great you truly are.

Headliner tip: Verified reviews are given when the booker confirms the booking and their review.  They look best because it verifies the event.

Utilise Headliner’s verified artist badge

The Headliner Verified Artist badge is given to artists who have completed the extensive vetting process and have been approved to go live on the platform.  This badge is to help ensure that every artist profile is booker-friendly and ready-to-go.  Adding the badge will help increase your visibility on the Headliner platform.

Headliner tip: Adding the badge to your website will link bookers to your Headliner profile, making bookings fast and easy!


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