Headliner has long been a platform that delivers top-notch DJ talent. From the crème de la crème of professional mobile DJs, to the most respected in the underground club circuit, Headliner has a killer DJ for any event. As such, we present you with our ‘Meet The DJ’ series, where we interview a Headliner DJ, and in turn, they produce a sweet mix for you to enjoy.

Welcome to 2018, Headliners! Fresh into the New Year, we are bringing you yet another fantastic Q&A and exclusive guest mix for your listening pleasure. This edition of our ‘Meet The DJ’ series features talented disco DJ and radio host, Lucid Stannard:

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Lucid Stannard is certainly someone to watch in 2018. She is an experienced and well-traveled DJ having played at many different venues internationally from Berlin to Uganda and more! With several sets performing for well-known brands and events under her belt including Baby G, Secret Garden Party and Percolate, Lucid Stannard does not cease to impress also hosting successful radio shows on Balamii and Netil Radio. Currently a resident of her own event, Lucy’s Disco, Lucid’s taste for music does not stop at disco as she plays everything from funk and jazz to house and afrobeats.

Lucid Stannard has gifted us with an exclusive Headliner mix showcasing her impeccable taste for disco and taking you on an uplifting, high-energy ride to revive you following the holiday festivities just past. Get to know Lucid Stannard in the Q&A below as you cruise through her flawless mix!

Tell us a bit about your mix. What were your inspirations for it? In what ways is it a reflection of you as a DJ?

My mix is high octane disco, to me it sounds like excitement for the future – I made it just before Christmas so I suppose it is inspired by that excitement too! My mixes are always a reflection of my feelings at the time, this one included.

You have played internationally in many interesting places including Berlin, Croatia and even Uganda! What has been your favourite international gig so far and what made it so special?

I loved all of them. Berlin was great because people were not meant to dance but everyone was. Croatia was great because the first time was in a bikini in the sun and the second time was after the whole Love International Festival finished, and we found a bar just outside it and convinced them to let me play. So everyone who was left came to that bar and I played until after the sun came up and I had to leave for the airport, it was magical. The Uganda gig was amazing because it kind of just happened, and there is such a cool scene there because it’s so underground and just beginning. You truly feel like you’re a part of something special.

What would you request on your dream rider?

Plenty of the best Tequila and enough space for me and my friends. And coconut water.

Tell us more about your radio shows.  Do you often have guest DJs come on?

I have only had guests a few times, Ryan from MermaidS, Chris from the Diggers and most recently DJ Rachael. I love having guests as you have someone to bounce off and talk to. Sometimes on your own it’s hard to chat or feel interesting, and it’s important to talk during radio otherwise it just feels like a mix.

How does song preparation for your radio shows differ from how you prepare for your live DJ performances? Do you prefer to wing it when you are behind the decks or do you like to invest a lot of time preparing for your sets beforehand?

My radio shows are usually just what I am listening to at the moment, which is great as it can be jazz, world, soul and anything goes really. I always prepare my sets but not down to what order I’ll play in. I’ll think about the audience and what I think they would want to hear, expect to hear and what I’d like to play them, then I’ll make a playlist with enough songs that could go in a few directions. Part of the fun of DJing is winging it on the night. Sometimes I feel like going a different route altogether and will delve into a playlist from another event.

Which do you prefer? Radio shows or DJing events?

As much as I love the radio, you can’t beat playing events. When everyone is having a great time and dancing in front of you, it is a great feeling.

What are your favourite genres to cover as a DJ?

I’ve always been a disco girl, I grew up listening to that and party music as my mum loves it and my dad was a DJ for fun. But, I love mixing house and I am loving playing a bit darker at the moment. Afrobeat is something I really feel, it’s such feeling music that I think everyone really connects to it.

Do you have any current residencies?

I play at Ray’s Bar one Thursday every month, from January I’ll be playing at Bar 177 the third Friday every month and at Oslo in Hackney every 2 months. Also, I have a night called Lucy’s Disco every few months with guests like The Revenge, The Reflex and Rayko (no reason they all begin with R!) and am starting a female centric night called Womb 2 once a month at Bar 90.

What were some past favourites?

My first ever residency was at the Shoreditch Platform every Thursday. It turned into Lucy’s Disco which is now my regular night. That was fun because it was at the beginning and exciting.

How do you differentiate yourself from other DJs?

I don’t take myself too seriously. For me its all about having fun! I love it and I want you to too. That is reflected I think on the journey, leading the listener to songs they wouldn’t necessarily listen to on their own but with a bit of house either side they love it and it works. I always think a lot about what the crowd is feeling and I hope that comes through in the music.

Tell us a secret.

My hair is not really blue.

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