Ever been to a party with a Mariachi band? If you have you are almost sure to have made a mental note to yourself saying that you have to find an excuse to hire a Mariachi band yourself! And we are happy to help you find both the excuse and the band.

The Mariachi style originated in Mexico, but is hugely popular across the world. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, street party, corporate event etc. there’s always room for a Mariachi band. The lineup can vary quite a bit, but often includes Guitarron and Trumpet, as well as Violin and Vihuela. Your typical Mariachi songs are very thematic and passionate, covering love and betrayal, and often tales of revolutionary figures.

Despite their popularity there aren’t that many Mariachi bands around, so if you’re interested in booking one, make sure to do so a good time in advance of your event. On Headliner you can find two of the UK’s top Mariachi Bands: The Mexican Way and Beato Burrito 


The Mexican Way

The Mexican Way

Led by Farman Hernandez, The Mexican Way is available as a trio, quartet or quintet. Regardless of your preferences they promise to spice up your event the Mexican way! They play all sorts of events, from weddings and festivals to birthday parties and corporate events, and they’ll serve you a mix of Mexican tunes and your own handpicked favourites.


Beato Burrito


Mariachi trio Beato Burrito specialise in performing modern songs, from rock and pop, with a Mexican Mariachi twist! With vocals, guitar and trumpet, these guys will blow you away, and definitely keep you thoroughly entertained throughout your event.


Now you know where to head the next time you want to book a Mariachi band! And there’s always a good reason to do so….

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