Headliner has long been a platform that delivers top-notch DJ talent. From the crème de la crème of professional mobile DJs, to the most respected in the underground club circuit, Headliner has a killer DJ for any event. As such, we’re thrilled to announce our ‘Meet The DJ’ series, where we interview a Headliner DJ, and in turn, they produce a sweet mix for your listening pleasure.

Happy Holidays and belated Merry Mixmas, Headliners! The New Year is fast approaching and we are back with a stellar Q&A and upbeat, exclusive guest mix to send you into 2018 with a bang. This edition of our ‘Meet The DJ’ series features skilled open-format DJ and bootleg remix specialist, Jet Boot Jack:

Jet Boot Jack’s incredible ability to play across many genres has earned him a residency at London’s infamous BARRIO venues, several guest appearances at iconic clubs like Ministry of Sound and Jazz Cafe and reputable slots alongside acts such as Norman Jay, DJ Yoda, SHIFT K3Y, Eliza Doolittle and many more. Not to mention, his popular bootleg remixes have gained him significant notoriety, garnering over 1.5 million hits!

Jet Boot Jack has provided us with an exclusive Headliner mix showcasing his versatility as a DJ by featuring a myriad of genres representative of what you could expect from one of his live sets. Immerse yourself in the sounds from Jet Boot Jack alongside our compelling interview with him below. Enjoy!


Whereas the majority of mixes that I post online are categorised into a single genre, with this Mini-Mix I’ve attempted to capture a brief snapshot of my live gigs, incorporating many different styles of music ranging from House, Hip-Hop, R’n’B and Drum’n’Bass, to Latin, Reggaeton, Funk, Soul and Breakbeat.

Having shared the stage with big acts like DJ Yoda, SHIFT K3Y and Eliza Doolittle and played at iconic London Venues like Ministry of Sound and Alexandra Palace, what advice would you give to your younger DJ self if you could?

All those gigs that lie ahead, performing to a huge variety of niche audiences across a wide range of genres, will provide invaluable experience for the time when all the varied scenes are eventually amalgamated and “open-format” multi-genre sets become possible.  Oh, and keep on collecting those vinyls, they’ll be worth a fortune one day..!

What advice would you give to aspiring djs now?

With ever-advancing technology, there is now a huge amount of scope for DJs to differentiate themselves in what has become a very crowded field by utilising home studios and/or live effects and sampling to remix and re-edit tracks, uniquely customising your sets.  So find your own way to stand out from the crowd!

You have also shared a bill with Fat Freddy’s Drop, Bombay Bicycle Club, Metronomy and Carl Barat. What’s the relationship like between a DJ and a headlining band? How is it different from sharing a bill with other DJs, if at all?

It’s vitally important to have a sufficient grasp of a band’s fanbase in order to cater to the tastes of their particular audience.  Also, transitioning between live and recorded music is a challenge only found when playing alongside artists, but can be exploited to great effect when done well.

What do you bring to the table for potential clients and audiences?

My own custom made bootleg remixes and a passion for (and knowledge of) a very broad spectrum of genres that I playfully switch between in eclectic open-format sets.  For me, tone is more important than genre – I play a wide variety of music, but what each track shares in common is an uplifting, inclusive “house party” vibe!

From a DJ’s perspective, how does playing a wedding or company party differ from playing at a big live show or club event? How does the type of event you will be performing at affect how you prepare?

Weddings and corporate events have changed dramatically in the last decade or so, and now both couples and clients want something a bit cooler and more unique/impressive/showy than the traditional “DJ For-Hire”.  That’s why my penchant for fresh new takes on familiar favourites, both old and new, fits these events so perfectly – and why some of my most enjoyable sets have been private bookings!  But for any event, party or club night I put a huge emphasis on preparation, ensuring that I am always able to adapt to the whims of a crowd, no matter how much they may shift during a set.

Your bootleg remixes have been incredibly popular, how does it feel to play one of your own remixes during your performances?

It’s extremely rewarding when one of my own remixes receives a big response from a crowd.  Particularly so if it happens to be the very first occasion that I’m premiering a brand new remix in a club.  Having a crowd react to a remix that I’ve only just finished in that week, or maybe even earlier that very day, provides a fantastic piece of immediate feedback and let’s me know that I’m on the right track.

Have you already or do you plan to produce original music in the future?

Over the years I’ve produced much original music under various guises, receiving air play from top DJs such as Sir Norman Jay, Tony Humphries and Brandon Block.  Remixes have currently become my focus for the moment, but I have a large portfolio of unreleased original music that I’m sure will see the light of day in the near future!

What festival tops your bucket list for dream sets you would like to play?

Notting Hill Carnival has always been an extremely emotive event for me having attended from my early teenage years.

Tell us a secret.

I’m going to be launching my very own club night in March 2018!


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