Become your own ‘headliner’ with Sing It Back! This unique band combines the best elements of a live band with the fun of karaoke to create the perfect hybrid to get your party started.  With over 1,000 songs to choose from in their catalogue, this group is sure to keep your guests happy. Here we decided to ask them a few questions…

What makes up the heart and soul of Sing It Back?

The heart and soul of the band is definitely the musicians. Our guys have a passion for music that brings an authentic feel to all the genres we play. This makes us stand out from a typical karaoke setup as we are putting soul into the songs rather than just a lifeless backing track.

How does a typical ‘Sing It Back’ set work?

We normally start a set by playing a few songs without any guest singers. This sets the tone for the evening and gets people more comfortable with the setup.

What type of events do you usually play at? What was a recent favourite?

We play at an array of venues and events. We tend to always go down well as people generally love to sing karaoke, especially when it’s backed by a band! In regards to a favourite event, we played in a company party recently where there were one, or two, very entertaining singers! They did multiple songs each and every time they sang and everyone went crazy!

What do you think is the most important thing to ensure that guests and audiences are enjoying themselves?

We have found that if there is a supportive crowd who cheers the singers on, it tends to make everyone feel more comfortable and have more fun on stage.  This translates through the audience so that everyone is having a great time.

What should guests expect when they book you for their occasion?   

They should expect to sing! The best events we play at are when people are really up for getting involved and singing. This usually gets everyone in the right spirit and makes our job super easy.

….What if someone doesn’t know the lyrics?

We use a custom-built karaoke system that incorporates lyric screens that live-stream the words in real time onto monitors that are on stage. The words they should be singing are highlighted in time with the band, so the system makes it very clear for audience on what to sing, and when!

What type of venue setting is this type of performance ideal for? Should bookers be concerned with any sound limitations?

We can perform anywhere that has live music. If a venue has any sound limitations the booker should let us know at the time of booking. We are always happy to field any questions about sound, if the client has them.

CAN YOU NAME some examples of the types of songs in your catalogue.

Our catalogue is over 1,000 songs strong, with all the favourite hits we found that people request the most for karaoke. We are constantly updating our library to get modern smashes into our repertoire.  Guests should definitely be prepared to sing classics like Neil Young’s ‘Sweet Caroline’, or Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’.

Do clients really get the true rockstar experience?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide sex or drugs at our events, but we can bring rock ‘n’ roll! Our clients get the opportunity to be on stage with a full band of professional musicians that live the rockstar life. We give them an insight into our world and help them feel what it’s like to wear the shoes of a rockstar!

Tell us your own personal go-to karaoke song.

I am actually a huge Wham! fan. Line up ‘Club Tropicana’ any night and I’m there!

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