Looking for a relaxed and inviting evening for your next drinks reception or dinner?  Meet Jazz Retrospective, a band who performs classic jazz standards from swing, latin, jazz waltz and beyond with a focus on warm tones and hypnotising melodies.  This accomplished band can set a relaxed and inviting mood for drinks receptions, dinners and a wide variety of other functions.

Introduce yourselves with a few lines: Who are Jazz Retrospective?

Jazz Retrospective are a group of musicians deeply enamoured with the back catalog of all the ‘Jazz Greats’.  We love nothing more than performing these classics live with our own distinct and melodic twist.

Explain a typical performance package for Jazz Retrospective. What should your clients expect to receive?

Clients should expect to receive a varied and thoughtfully structured set that spins from a relaxing jazz waltz to an upbeat latin and groove via reflective ballads, as well as classic straight-ahead swing. With all our musicians knowing an extensive repertoire, we love to read the crowd and perform a selection of classics tailored to each occasion.

What types of events do you usually play at? What was a recent favourite?

We’ve played everything including dinners, networking/industry events, private members’ clubs, Christmas parties and weddings. We especially enjoyed a recent trio performance for a wonderful birthday celebration that took place in a picturesque nature reserve.

What genres do you offer?

We play all kinds of swing, jazz waltz, latin, ballads, be-bop and beyond!

What sets you apart from other bands like you?

We have a real passion for performing beautiful melodies and choosing just the right song for just the right moment!

Aside from the main band, do you offer any other lineups?

We also offer a trio, quartet or 5-piece lineup with a jazz vocalist featuring the likes of Verushka George.

Do you perform outdoors or provide a roaming band?

We can perform outdoors with a little cover over-head to protect the instruments from the elements (plus power for at least the keyboard). We also are happy to accommodate ideas including roaming if that’s what the client wants.

What do you think is the most important thing to ensure that guests and audience are having an absolutely amazing time?

While it’s true that the company, food, lights and location all make for a fantastic event for your guests, we believe it is the soundtrack that really makes for a truly memorable time. Music has an unparalleled ability to set the mood just right, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to deliver that.

What’s the key to being in a great jazz band?

The key is being able to listen, improvise and creatively interact with the other musicians around you. It’s a discipline that requires a great deal of practise, but also a great sense of fun and collective musical adventure!

What’s your favourite aspect about performing?

Our favourite part of performing is getting lost in the moment together as a band. You get these fantastic moments of shared musical inspiration and then you see smiles creep across everyone’s face instantly. Just magical.


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