Looking to learn how to throw a house party? A good party will be remembered by your guests for a long time. In general, throwing a party is fun but nothing beats learning how to throw a great party.

If you want to know the secret to how to throw a lit party, you can’t just leave your guests high and dry by themselves. If left to their own devices, the party could fall flat. Learning how to throw a good house party includes guiding your guests into feeling welcomed and catered to. Mastering how to throw the best party requires you not only know where to throw a party but also know what your guests will expect.

Hosting parties isn’t always an easy time for the host. You need to learn how to make the event comfortable but also unique so that your guests will remember it for months to come. We’ve put together a handy little guide on how to throw a party. This guide will not only give tips on throwing just any party, but also how to throw an awesome party.


Have something for your guests to do right away – Whether you offer your guests a drink or some snacks upon their arrival, it’s better to immediately give them something to do instead of diving into mingling. Small actions make a guest feel provided for, which may let them let loose a bit easier. This will make the situation more relaxed and fun for everyone!

Get them to laugh – Alongside offering drinks or snacks, feel free to offer silly party decorations and accessories. Whether it is a funny mask or instagrammable gold tassel streamers for the door, if you give your guests something to take pictures of and/or laugh at you’re already halfway towards making the night unforgettable!

Bring on the tunes – Loud music at the beginning of a party can actually be helpful instead of harmful towards encouraging conversation. Much like offering food or drink, you want to give your guests some room to get loose and ready to socialise with new people. Once everyone is settled in, you can always lower the noise levels until later on in the night.

Don’t be too worried about space – While a big venue is fantastic, often the best parties happen in more intimate spaces. By forcing your guests to be in closer proximity it encourages them to socialise with each other. Instead of sticking to the friends they already know, this tactic might actually get your guests to talk to new people and mingle better.

So there you have it! Follow these simple rules and you’ll be a house party pro!

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