Live music is a must when it comes to keeping your party guests entertained.  Hiring a band for your wedding or party may seem simple, but once you begin the process, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Luckily, Headliner is here to help you hire live music that will leave both you and your guests in awe.  So…where do you start?


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What type of music are you looking for?

With so many great acts to choose from, you will need to narrow down your options by asking yourself what music style will best fit your event.  Are you looking for classical background music or a band that will keep your guests dancing all night?  Once you have decided on the style of music you are looking for, you can filter your search to match what you are looking for.


Choosing the right act

When beginning to search for an act, include the date of your event and filter your search based on the music style you are searching for.  Even after filtering your search, there are still many great acts to choose from! Our recommendation is that you listen to audio tracks or watch videos that artists post on their profile.  This will help you decide which sounds you like best.

If you are still torn between a few different artists, click on the heart on their profile to add them to your wish list.  This way if you need to come back it will be easier for you to find them.


Send an enquiry

Once you have decided on the act you would like for your event, send them an enquiry along with some details of your event. The act will respond within 48 hours. Once they accept, you will be able to discuss the logistics and smaller details of the event with the act.


Keep in touch

Although the booking may be secure, make sure to stay in touch with your act to ensure you have answered any possible questions they may have.  Now it is time to breathe and patiently wait for your rockin’ event!






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