Meet Grazia Strings, the innovative crossover quartet who use both acoustic and electric instruments. This all-female power group merges both classical and pop styles to arrange an entirely unique experience for their clients. Grazia Strings are available to play weddings, corporate functions and VIP events.

Tell us about yourselves.  How did you form your string quartet?

Grazia Strings is made up of past and present students of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. We set up the quartet in 2015 with the aim of running a high quality group which provides a tailor-made service for each event! We are all very driven and hard working and have been great friends throughout our time at university.

Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel?
We are based in Manchester and are happy to travel – normally up to 80 miles but we make exceptions depending on the event.
You describe yourselves as a unique and innovative crossover group.  Please elaborate.
We proudly call ourselves an innovative crossover group because we work together to create our own unique performances, using our own arrangements, backing tracks and choreography. We merge classical and pop styles through our choice of music and also by using both acoustic and electric instruments.

Please describe your approach towards working with your potential clients.
We strive to establish and maintain a great relationship with our clients. From the early stages of communication we ensure fast responses. We are also happy to guide the client by suggesting what kind of performance will suit the event best and answer any questions they may have. Finally, although we have created set packages in terms of our fee, we understand that this is not always feasible and try to fit into our clients’ budgets if possible.
What genres of music can guests expect to hear if you play their events?
We cover a wide range of repertoire. Our most requested styles are classical, pop and jazz standards. We regularly play music from Bach to Beyoncé! We are constantly updating our repertoire so we often surprise our audiences with very current songs that they may not expect to be played by a string quartet!
What is the key to being in a great string quartet?
We believe that the key to being in a great string quartet is to, firstly, have very talented players who have been trained at one of the UK’s top conservatoires. Secondly, to have driven and business-minded members who are always looking for ways to improve our service, and lastly to always have an exceptionally high standard of communication with our clients.

What performance options do you offer your clients?
We offer a range of different packages ranging from background music at your wedding to a high-impact electric performance at a large-scale corporate event.
Do you offer any special holiday packages?
Yes, we send offer emails to our subscribers list with discount codes and free arrangements offers during Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.
Following that, what type of events do you usually play at?  What was a recent favourite?
We have played at a huge range of events, from private parties and weddings to large-scale corporate events. A recent favourite has to be the Merseyside Independent Business Awards in Liverpool, where we performed two of our electric sets to over 500 guests.

How did you come up with your act name?
We were originally called Grace Notes Strings, when we were an acoustic group only. In 2015, after rebranding and becoming both an acoustic and electric string quartet, we decided to change our name to “Grazia Strings” so we that could keep the essence of the group (which we believe to be elegant but professional) with a modern touch.
Finish this sentence…
One day we’ll love to collaborate with well-known artists and perform internationally, perhaps headlining a cruise ship!

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