Bassline Productions are one of our many partners, and they are amazing! Like us they love working on different events, jumping from a full scale festival to a city wedding with ease. As event-production gurus, and all around great guys, we decided to ask them a few questions.


First of all, tell us in a few lines what Bassline Productions is all about.

Bassline Productions was set up by three great friends with extensive experience working in different areas of the event industry, who came together in the pursuit of building the perfect party, Noisily Festival of Music & Arts. At the same meeting around the same table, both companies were started, and five years later they continue to grow from strength to strength.

A simple formula is engrained in every event we produce:

A Healthy Dose of Creativity + The Best Kit + Exceptional Technicians = Guaranteed Fun

Bassline Productions


Event production is highly competitive. What sets you apart from the pack, and keeps you ahead of the game?

Where many companies like to wax lyrical about exemplary service and delivering results above and beyond expectations, we offer that as standard, and although we cite it in some of our literature, what sets us apart is the fact we guarantee fun. If you book us we guarantee to treble the fun with Bassline!


Have you noticed any up and coming trends that event planners should be aware of?

Yes, us! But in all seriousness, over the past year we have noticed a trend of people booking large scale events with hardly any time to spare. Now, we can produce the technical aspects of an event at the drop of a hat, but the tardy booking leaves very little time for planning, conceptualisation and creativity, which is a shame as that is where we really come into our own.

Wearables. By which I mean wearable technologies and gadgets, one example being a ball we saw at the Event Production Show last week. It contained a microphone, so instead of passing a clumpy wireless mic around, the ball was just thrown from person to person. Very cool, although perhaps a bit of a gambit. Even so, the nano-technology is really interesting. It’ll be great to see what comes out in the comings months and years, and I’m sure something seriously game changing will transform the face of events as we know them.


What kind of events do you usually work on?

We had our start in club events with a medium sized Funktion One sound system, and then segwayed through weddings into corporate events as we expanded our stock portfolio. Now, although we are set up to cater to any event and relish diverse opportunities, we really enjoy producing large weddings and private parties which demand bespoke design and innovation, and of course getting out into the great outdoors and creating awesome audio visual spectacles at festivals across the country and beyond.

Bassline Productions


What’s the most innovative and visually exciting event you worked on in 2015?

Ooh, that’s a good one! We had a lot of fun in 2015. One of the real highlight was flying all our Funktion One to Burning Man in Nevada in August, designing a 3D projection mapping show onto the cockpit of a Boeing 737 which we used as a DJ booth, alongside which we installed loads of beam lights, 2 x 20 watt lasers we had custom built for the application, and a handful of pyrotechnics. (That’s an awesome sentence! What a job we have!)

Top prize still goes to Noisily Festival of Music & Arts though, our baby. We started Noisily at the same meeting as Bassline Productions back in 2011, and it’s grown from a party of 400 to a festival of 3,000 like minded revellers, all of whom are up for absolutely having it! We built three giant geometric aztec triangles out of reclaimed scaffolding boards, filled the smaller triangles with pixel pars which we mapped in time with the music, installed 5 lasers and some pyro for good measure, along with a quadraphonic Funktion One speaker array which recently got voted the 3rd best sound system at any festival in Europe by Fest300. Result!


What’s your top tip for event planners when working with a production company?

From us, on a personal note: Trust in our ability to interpret your vision, and let us run with and develop a concept based on your foundations. 99.9% of the time our clients are blown away by what we can do, and that isn’t arrogance talking, but rather an absolute conviction in what we do. We love events, and we LOVE production.

From a non-personal, totally subjective, unbiased angle: Book Bassline.


Finally, we need a quick music question… For your dream event, what kind of band/artist would you want?

Fun! Well, there are three of us, and given our capacity as organisers of a festival that spans all the electronic music spectrum, I’ll give you three answers relative to the in office vibes right now…

Charles – Human Element (Iboga Records) and D-Nox & Beckers

Robbie – Sebastien Leger (DIRTYBIRD)

Lachie – Ellie Goulding 😉



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