Headliner has long been a platform that delivers top-notch DJ talent. From the crème de la crème of professional mobile DJs, to the most respected in the underground club circuit, Headliner has a killer DJ for any event. As such, we present you with our ‘Meet The DJ’ series, where we interview a Headliner DJ, and in turn, they produce a sweet mix or specially curated playlist for you to enjoy.

We have an enlightening Q&A touching on the nostalgic sounds of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as the distinctive music scene of New York City. With an extensive and exclusive Spotify playlist to match, this feature is not to be missed! Our ‘Meet The DJ’ series continues as we welcome the fearless veteran, DJ FAST:

DJ FAST has made a career out of blending an eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz, funk and rock to create a soundscape influenced by the streets of New York. Having performed at numerous prestigious events for high-profile clients including Monaco F1, Cannes Film Festival, Harley Davidson and many more, DJ FAST adds his signature touch to any event with his unique breadth of experience. DJ Fast is not only a seasoned DJ, but also the co-founding member of the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals in New York City, best known for their hit ‘Scooby Snacks’. He continues to write, produce and tour with Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Radio Riddler to this day.

DJ FAST has curated a very special Spotify playlist featuring an array of different sounds from several eras demonstrating his vast knowledge of music and unique taste. Delve into his Q&A and feel free to get lost in DJ FAST’s curated playlist below which could easily keep you going for hours.

Tell us a bit about the playlist you have curated. What were your inspirations for it? In what ways is it a reflection of you as a DJ?

I love all genres of music, so when curating the playlist I wanted to include an eclectic mix of what I love; old and new.

If you could be stuck in one year’s music scene eternally, which year and what scene would it be?

It was hard to top the 80’s. So many talented artists were releasing albums. I’ve included many in the playlist.

What would you request on your dream rider?


From Scooby Snacks to iconic mixes, musically you’ve covered a lot of ground. How has DJing influenced your band career and vice versa? How did working at The Limelight club influence your career?

I was fortunate to hear so many different types of music while living in NYC and working at The Limelight in the 80’s and 90’s. The club had many rooms, each with different genres of music played. The main floor was usually house and techno. The chapel was hip hop and dancehall, while the upstairs bar was rock and soul. Fun Lovin’ Criminals drew from all of these different sounds when writing our music.

Would you say there are distinct sounds coming from New York and London? How has living in New York in the 90’s influenced your mixes?

American hip hop music went global in the 90’s. I loved the New York sounds of DJ Premier, A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie Smalls/Bad Boy just to name a few. My urban mixes always include tracks by these artists, as well as west coast artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Pharrell Williams emerged as one of the greatest producers in the late 90’s, and to this day still produces bangers!

How has the soundscape changed since DJing in the 90s? Would you say your sound has changed with location changes and time?

DJ’ing in the 90’s meant lugging boxes of vinyl to the club. You would need a crew to help carry them and in return you had a gathering of like minded music lovers having a party. Nowadays, I’m either using Serato or most recently USB sticks with Rekordbox.

Having performed sets for high-profile clients from Cannes Film Festival and Harley Davidson to Groucho Club in London, it is apparent that you are a skilled veteran. Gigs of this caliber can be daunting even to the most experienced DJs, do you ever get nervous before your sets?

Music has always been my passion and I always look forward to performing with FLC/Radio Riddler, or DJ’ing different types of events. My experience helps turn any nervous feelings into anticipation.

How would you say your unique experience sets you apart from other DJs?

I come from the school of the open format DJ. I mix all styles/genres in my sets. I like to think my musical style is heavily influenced by the sounds of NYC.

What are some current challenges you face as a DJ? How are you working to overcome them?

These days everyone with a smartphone is a potential DJ. Experience and skills take a backseat to connections and social media followers when it comes to getting gigs. People used to love going out to hear and discover music they haven’t heard for a while or don’t know. Nowadays, people want to hear the music they listened to while they got ready to go out!

Tell us a secret.

In London there was a bowling alley/club resurgence a decade ago which was cool. I want to bring back the roller disco! I remember putting on my skates and getting groovy to the disco, funk and freestyle sounds at the roller disco growing up.

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