Get your party started by booking Party On Up for your next event. This group may only have three members, but their sound seriously packs a punch. They combine all the best bits of a live band set and a DJ set. Be ready to party long into the night to their large repertoire of hits. Check out their exclusive Headliner session below and read on to learn more about their package offers.

Tell us about yourselves. How did you form Party On Up?

Party On Up formed because the three of us had been doing a lot of gigs with large bands who tend to be quite expensive. We wanted to make something that was fun, quick to set up, and inexpensive for bookers.

You say you’re a trio that delivers full on sound. What do you incorporate in your performances to achieve this?

To get the fuller sound of a larger line up we use a mix of loop pedals, backing tracks, backing vocals, and triggered samples.

What are the benefits of booking a trio ratheR Than something larger like a 10-piece band?

We’ve found that not everyone has the space, time and budget for a 10-piece band. We created a trio that brings the same level of musicality and performance intensity, in a much more manageable package.

What type of music do you play?

Since we have all played in many types of bands and musical situations, we do have a large repertoire of songs and styles we can play. However, we are mainly influenced by classic soul and Motown, 90’s RnB, and modern pop. We like to mix these three styles to from a strong floor-filling set.

What do you believe is the key to being a great trio?

A great trio doesn’t let the audience feel like there is anything missing from the performance. This is why we fill the space sonically, using samples from the records. It really does feel like a full sound.

Describe your ideal event to perform at.

We like it lively! Whether it’s a private parties, weddings or corporate events, we are happiest when people are up having a good time.

What do you think is the most important thing to ensure that Guests and audiences are enjoying themselves?

Our primary task is to provide good music for people. However, we also find interacting with the crowd and reacting to what’s going on, really gets crowds on our sides.

How do you like to finish off an amazing set at the end of the night?

The biggest mistake you can make is finishing the set without telling the audience it’s your last song. If the set has gone well, you know they are going to ask for more! We finish all our sets with a planned encore that looks more off the cuff to keep the crowd happy.

Do you offer a DJ service to keep the party going after your set wraps up? What should clients expect?

We do offer a DJ service. This is something that over time we realised was more of a crucial element than we may have first thought. When a gig has gone really well and the band has to finish playing, people generally want more. Our DJ service provides the audience with a second chance to dance to their favourite songs. We’ll be sure to read the dance floor and play to the crowd. But, we’ll also take requests on the fly.

As per your band name, do you truly bring the party? 🙂

Of course we bring the party! We want people Party-ing On Up at every event we attend, that is our job!


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