Let’s face it – in the face of pop charts, radio hits and club bangers, there is music everywhere you look! In a world of music streaming, so many different artists find their way into the spotlight and through to your speakers. Don’t get us wrong, this is a fantastic thing, but it can be hard to keep up!  In light of the ever-changing music scene, one thing has remained constant over time: songs from Disney movies!

The best Disney songs are catchy, light-hearted and simply fun to sing along to! Time after time, Disney has produced wonderful tunes that stick in your head (and your children’s heads) for hours! Luckily for you, we’ve curated a list of Disney songs to keep your Disney craving at bay! Perhaps you are a hopeless romantic looking for Disney love songs? Or maybe you are channeling your inner Belle and want to hear the very best of Disney princess songs? Perhaps, you just want to hear the most famous Disney songs. Whatever you’re after, we’ve created an all-inclusive Spotify playlist of Disney movie songs for you!

By the way, this playlist transcends the top ten Disney songs – there were just too many to choose from! Check out our ‘Top Disney Songs’ Spotify playlist now!

Top Disney Songs

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