Writing a Killer Bio

Writing a Killer Bio

  • At Headliner, we strive to make your user experience as streamlined and efficient as possible. We’ve put together some walkthroughs of different ways to use our platform – whether it be through onboarding seamlessly, quoting or using our new jobs board. Check back regularly for more digital explanations of how to use our platform to your advantage.

  • Our New Jobs Board

    We've recently released a new jobs feature. It's pretty awesome. If you're frustrated with waiting for enquiries to come in, this is the feature for you! Now you can browse our new jobs board and apply directly to opportunities as they are posted. It's located at the bottom toolbar on our website under "Opportunities." But you can also find it here: https://www.headliner.io/jobs/opportunities. Plus, we will send any jobs your way that we think match nicely with your profile.

    Check out our video walkthrough of how to quote under this new jobs board below:

  • 2. Grab Them with the Opening Paragraph

    You need to stand out and capture people's interest. Season your text with some fascinating details about your act. Are you a babnd consisting of people from all over the world? Do you dress in a 50s style, or maybe the vocalist has some signature dance moves? play around with the tone of voice you use until you're satisfied that both reflects your act and comes across as professional.

  • Quoting Efficiently

    This walkthrough discusses what to do once you get an enquiry from a potential booker. It covers where to find the enquiry, how to quote efficiently within their max budget, and also what to put in your messaging to them.

  • Onboarding and Increasing Profile Strength

    While you might already have a Headliner Profile created, we reccomend that you watch this handy walkthrough to make sure you have all componants needed to make your profile the strongest it can be. This video includes important tips and tricks to increasing your profile strength. And for newcomers, you can sign up here: https://www.headliner.io/signup/acts

  • 3. Include Reviews

    Reviews are like gold dust. Event professionals and private bookers want to be as reassured as possible that you will fulfill the entertainment criteria they're after. On Headliner we have a reviews function that automatically asks clients to give you a review, but make sure to include reviews and testimonials on your own website as well.

  • Planning an event involves a very long list of things to keep track of. So, the less people feel that they have to worry about the entertainers, the happier they will be. Seeing that one of their peers has given you praise for your performance makes it 5 times more likely that they will book you.

  • "John and his band were incredible at our wedding. Their performance was truly the icing on the cake. Even my 89 year old grandma was dancing! We're definitely happy to recommend their services"

  • 4. Practice Makes Perfect

    Try writing and rewriting your bio a few times. There are several reasons this can be beneficial: Your creative juices will start flowing after a little while and you can try out different ideas. "Mind editing", trying to write a finished product in one go, is usually not very effective, so write all of your ideas down and create several drafs. Afterwards you can edit and merge them This way you can cherry-pick your way to a finished bio.

    Also, don't be scared to ask for help. Two pairs of eyes and two brains work better than one!