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Clever. Intriguing. Humorous & Brilliant! These are words used to describe Jay Adkins as he leaves his audience mesmerised, engaged and amused with his naturally charming and entertaining style of Stage Mentalism, Close-Up Magic and delightful [url hidden]bining psychological mind-manipulation together with magic and comedy, Jay brings a fresh vitality to the genre of Mentalism. His inimitable style combined with memory feats that stun and amaze, Jay uses Psychology, Showmanship, Hypnosis, Suggestion, and Cold Reading to captivate and engage his audience. With over 20-years performance experience at his disposal, Jay continues to be a Guest Performer at many corporate events throughout the UK and overseas.

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I specialise in these types of magic:

  • Mentalism
  • Close-up
  • Mind reading
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I am happy to perform at these events:

  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Private Party
  • Wedding
  • VIP Event
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I am based in Kidderminster, United Kingdom.


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  • Price from £ 413
    Stage Show 1 X 60 Minute Show

    What Does a Mentalist Do? If you haven’t heard of this particular genre before, a Mentalist is someone who combines close-up magic, comedy and mind manipulation to create a mesmerising, live entertainment act. Mentalists are multi-skilled – some specialise in mind reading and thought manipulation, some offer hypnosis and some use magic tricks in their performance. Jay’s carefully honed psychological skills have been developed over 20 years – and he is adept at ensuring his programme will suit any type of audience. His magic tricks, feats of memory and mind reading will be offered up to those who are keen to experience what is known as “the art of delightful deception”. Your guests will be stunned by his sleight of hand and his ability to read people (work out their reactions and thoughts).

    Jay can also use Hypnosis and suggestion as part of his act – used to great effect for larger groups. Unassuming and charming, Jay has a light touch when it comes to engaging with an audience, but his act has a major impact. He really does leave guests with that “how did he do that!?” feeling. Jay is based in the Midlands, UK and has attended parties, corporate events, conferences, Gala dinners and major charity events in the UK and abroad and is a consummate professional when it comes to performance. For a mind bending evening of memorable fun – see for yourself what Jay can bring to the Party!

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  • Price from £ 402
    Close Up (2 Hours) Without Stage Show (UK Only)

    Close Up (2 Hours) Without Stage Show (UK Only)

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Please note these are my requirements, however if all not available then please contact me to work around this. I'm human and can accommodate :)

Notes/Technical info

Venue to provide: Crew: 1x sound/lighting operator Stage: PA system w graphics EQ and mixing desk w minimum 8 channels 1x boom mic stand on stage and 1 radio microphone (Headset or lapel) Power Point enabled laptop or Cables/DI boxes to connect artist laptop mini jack sound output to sound desk Lighting: Lighting board Warm bright general cover across whole mid and down AV: Projection screen (4:3 landscape ratio size) centre up stage (flown or on legs). Ideally as large as possible. Must have good sight lines for all audience. Projection beam should not clip artist’s head when standing mid stage. Projector (flown in rig if front projection used). Image to fill the screen without bleed over the edges. Projector should be of sufficient power to cope with any lighting bleed from the general cover onto the projection screen. Power: Standard 13Amp power for radio mic receivers if not supplied by venue

Stage/Setup requirement

minimum space of 12ft X 12ft Projector if possible however can be worked around

Solo or Group




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