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The Beat Connection mission statement is to achieve 100% client satisfaction 100% of the time.

Founded in 2002 by ADS Management, Beat Connection has mastered the art of mixing a high-energy, funky and slick performance with absolute professionalism. They have identified exactly what clients and their guests expect from a top class band and deliver:

Absolute professionalism, a friendly manner and attention to detail from first point of contact.

A choice of different packages to suit your event, including extra sets of music, later finish times, bigger band line-ups to include brass instruments or dancers and a DJ or VJ service.

Impeccable punctuality and a fast, efficient and tidy stage set-up.

A top quality sound and lighting system which complements your venue.

A wide and versatile repertoire that will appeal to all guests, delivered non-stop by musicians that give 110%.

Full public liability insurance and certificated electrical equipment.

A slick and top class performance delivered by a permanent line-up of greatly experienced professional musicians and fronted by both male and female vocalists.

The peace of mind that everyone who has ever hired the band before is still raving about them!

When you choose Beat Connection, this is what you get.

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We specialise in these genres:

  • First dances
  • Corporate band
  • Jazz quartet
  • Horn section
  • Filler music
  • Jazz
  • Themed events
  • Jazz quintet
  • Pop
  • Dj music
  • Dj
  • Funk
  • Dj service
  • Jazz trio
  • Party band
  • Rock
  • Birthday party
  • Wedding band
  • Requests
  • Male vocals
  • Female vocals
  • Soul
  • Male singer
  • Swing band
  • Swing
  • Mustang sally
  • Female singer
  • Jazz duo
  • Party classics
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We play these instruments:

  • Keys
  • Male vocals
  • Percussion
  • Saxophone
  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Brass
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Trombone
  • Guitar
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We are happy to perform at these events:

  • Corporate Event
  • VIP Event
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvah
  • Wedding
  • Birthday Party
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We are based in Norwich, United Kingdom.


Willing to travel up to 70 miles outside of Norwich.

Travel may increase the final quote.


  • Price from £ 1,770

    Our prices depends on how the band line up that you pick.

    For example:

    THE 5 PIECE BAND For limited budgets
    Beat Connection 5 Piece Band £[url hidden]
    (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, and choice of female OR male vocals and no requests)
    Our smallest package providing a basic yet great quality live band including either male OR female vocals and a wide variety of repertoire including classic hits from the soul/motown & disco era plus a few more up to date favourites. We can provide a set list for the male vocals set and a set list for the female vocals set on request to help you make your choice. No separate sound and lighting engineer is included in this option, therefore it is recommended for smaller venues or audiences of under 100.

    Beat Connection 6 Piece Band £[url hidden]
    (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, 1x Male Vocals, 1x Female Vocals)
    A great medium sized package providing a basic yet great quality live band including both male and female vocals and a wide variety of repertoire including classic hits from the soul/motown & disco era plus a few more up to date favourites.

    THE GOLD PACKAGE – Our most popular line up
    Beat Connection 7 Piece Band £[url hidden]
    Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, 1x Male Vocals, 1x Female Vocals, Saxophone.
    This is our standard recommended line up, through which we can deliver most of our set list with a full sound rich in harmonies. Option A, with 3 vocals allows for a very full sound rich in vocal harmonies, and can deliver complex songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody. Option B only has the 2 singers, but adds the element of either saxophone or trumpet, for a more showy look and sound, and to fill all those great solos!

    THE PLATINUM PACKAGE – For serious live music lovers and party animals
    Beat Connection 10 Piece Band £2300.00
    (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, 1x Male Vocals, 2x Female Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone & Saxophone)

    Our awesome deluxe option including our fabulous all-female horn section made up of trombone, saxophone and trumpet. Highly recommended if you feel like splashing out on a truly outstanding high-energy show or if you are a fan of brass and want to hear swing, soul and disco classics like they were meant to be heard! A real treat and a show you and your guests won’t soon forget!

    “WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY?” – we hear you ask…
    All Beat Connection quotes include the following:
    • Band arrival at 6.00 PM and a finish time of up to midnight at the latest. Please note: should you need the band to arrive before 6.00 PM and / or finish later than midnight, a new quote may need to be issued. For early arrivals, 20 mins here and there don’t matter, but substantial early arrivals are charged at £30 extra per musician per extra hour or part hour. Finish times after midnight are always charged.
    • 2 live shows of about 60 minutes each.
    • A FREE Filler music service before the performance, in between sets and until the end of the night, and at any time when the band is not playing. Please note this is not a DJ Service, but a play list of party music which complements the band’s set list without repeating it. This means that the desk will not be manned and there will not be a chance to request songs. However, should you require a DJ, the Beat Connection DJ normally charges £399 but only £180 when booked in conjunction with the band. Having our own DJ play at events where we play has many benefits to you. The most obvious one is the saving, but there are also aesthetic benefits, because both acts audio-visual set ups will be amalgamated into one, and the planning of the whole evening’s entertainment is of course more straightforward when you only have one act to liaise with.
    • All PA, sound and lighting equipment. (All our equipment is PAT tested regularly).
    • An experienced sound and lighting engineer, which means you can relax in the knowledge that the sound for your event is in great hands.
    • Band lighting. (Please note the band always lights up the stage but does not provide lighting for your venue’s dance-floor).
    • Full Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.
    • A team of professional and experienced musicians on stage and a huge repertoire covering
    anything from jazz to swing, to soul, disco, funk, pop, Rock’n’Roll…
    • Absolute professionalism and attention to detail from first point of contact.
    • A choice of different packages to suit your event, including extra sets of music, later finish times and bigger band line-ups.
    • Impeccable punctuality and a fast, efficient and tidy stage set-up.
    • A wide repertoire that will appeal to all guests, delivered non-stop by musicians that give 100%.
    • And of course the peace of mind that everyone who has ever hired the band before is still raving about them!
    Not because I am so clever, but because after dealing with all the Beat Connection enquiries for the past 12 years, I would be a bit slow if I didn’t spot a pattern! If you are on the market for a live band, there are probably 3 main things you are worried about:

    1. What if the band is late, or even worse cancels on me or never turns up? (We have all heard these horror stories!)
    2. What if they are not good live? I mean, their demo sounds good, but you can do a lot in a studio nowadays, right?
    3. What happens during the band break? Does the room just go back to dark and quiet? Will this kill the atmosphere?

    And there’s a few more, but you know what they are!

    So let’s take them one at a time!

    1. What if the band is late, or even worse cancels on me or never turns up? (We have all heard these horror stories!)
    Here’s the thing. There aren’t many certain things in life, but here’s a dead cert: Beat Connection will be there on your special day, on time, as per contract. We have been playing functions professionally for over 12 years, and have a 100% attendance and performance rate. Cancelling a job is simply not an option. If the band breaks down, we have a plan B and a plan C, apart from the fact that we allow plenty of extra time to start with. If our drummer breaks his arm, or our lead singer loses her voice, whilst a pub band would definitely cancel the gig, we have a minimum of 4 substitutes for each musician, who have been personally auditioned by us, are at the top of their game, have played with us many times in the past, know our set inside out and can slot into the performance at the last minute without you or your guests having to worry about a thing. This system of fantastically talented understudies allows the band to keep working even when some of the band members are unavailable / on holiday / on maternity leave etc.
    2. What if they are not good live? I mean, their demo sounds good, but you can do a lot in a studio nowadays, right?
    You are right there! And this is why we have recordings of our gigs on YouTube right now that have not been tampered with, and the main video on our website is 100% live, recorded from one of our lighting guys with an iPhone. Nothing was done to the sound, this is us, what you see on the video is what you get on the night.
    3. What happens during the band break? Does the room just go back to dark and quiet? Will this kill the atmosphere?
    Beat Connection is going to work extremely hard during their first set to ensure they create a fun party atmosphere. The LAST thing we want is to kill this atmosphere during our break and come back to a cold audience that needs warming up all over again. Beat Connection will always provide filler music at all times when the band is not on. From the moment our equipment is set up and ready to play music, we will make sure you have background music throughout your meal if you so wish, access to our microphones for speeches, “Filler Music” before the show, in between our sets and until the end of the night. And we do this as standard, at no extra cost to you.
    If you have been on our [email hidden] , you have probably noticed we run a blog. Many clients comment on how useful it is to see what the band does and looks like and sounds like in those pictures and video clips, as well as how useful our articles have been to them. The “Live Bands – Where do I start?” and “How to pick the perfect first dance for a wedding” are big favourites. Do check them out for inspiration and tips.
    [email hidden]
    Here, you will be able to find out more about the band, see more pictures, have a listen to more demo songs, see who our clients are and read over 40 different references from past clients from 2002 until today!
    We will keep this date pencilled in for you just in case, unless we hear otherwise from you.

    Please note that Beat Connection works on a first come first served basis, so, whilst the band is still available for the date of your event at the moment, other enquiries are coming in all the time and we cannot hold this date for you without a written confirmation and / or deposit. Do book early to avoid disappointment.
    We hope this information is useful and we look forward to hearing from you,

    PS: Many more references available on the [email hidden]
    Just one more thing…
    If you decide to go ahead, you need to be aware of what is involved in booking a live band. We wouldn’t want you to have any surprises when you receive your contract. If you haven’t booked live bands before, it would be unfair of us to assume that you would know what sort of power requirements we have, and you may not realize we need a room to get changed etc. So, together with your contract, you will receive a copy of our “Rider”. This is not a diva-ish document demanding petals in our changing room (although, when I said that to the lady organising our Interflora booking, she said that would be no problem!! How cool would that have been!!!), but it is really a professional measure to ensure you are aware of what is needed when booking a band, from electricity to ideal performance space, to changing room to food for the musicians, and it is actually in your best interest to fulfill it. Although our Rider is very straight forward and achievable, should anything be difficult for you to achieve, please please just let us know, and we will be happy to offer alternative suggestions. Do talk to us, we can help!
    (A summary of our Rider appears below)

    THE beatconnection RIDER

    • ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: Please ensure that the band will have access to a minimum of 3x separate 13 amp sockets on the same phase. Please ensure these are actually 3 separate sockets, not just one socket with an added extension lead. (A 13 amp socket is just a standard household socket, like the one you plug your kettle into, so most function rooms can accommodate this no problem! We are just being thorough. However, if the event is taking place in a marquee, then please check and double check this point with your power provider as inadequate power can not only spoil your evening, but also be extremely dangerous. We are very happy to talk to your power provider if this helps.
    • STAGE AREA REQUIREMENTS: A stage or performance area of about 18 ft by 12 ft depth, or smaller within reason. The performance area must be safe, stable and not exposed to the elements.
    • PARKING REQUIREMENTS: Depends on size of band booked. This could be anything between 3 cars only, or 7 cars and a van.
    • ACCESS / UNLOADING: The van is quite high, so please do let us know if there are any arches etc which may stop the trailer from getting into your venue. Please ensure our crew can gain close access to the stage for unloading equipment. The band van needs to get as close as possible to the performance area as there is plenty of heavy equipment to be carried in. Should the crew need to carry equipment for a long way to the stage area, please note this will considerably delay set up and sound-check time, so please call us to discuss this point if you feel access to the stage is less than straight forward.
    • BACKSTAGE REQUIREMENTS: A changing room with a table, chairs, a mirror and a clothes rack. The room needs to be big enough for 7 people (and 7 suitcases) to be based in when not on stage, eat in, get changed and made up for the performance and leave valuable belongings in whilst performing. Please ensure the room is indoors, is heated and lockable. Toilets are not acceptable as band green areas / changing rooms.
    • HOSPITALITY: It would be great if a hot meals and soft drinks per member of the band could be organised in advance for the band (please ensure that you order these from your caterers in advance, as extra meals cannot be organised on the day). The band would prefer to eat after set-up but before the performance. The band, as working staff, should also be allowed access to soft drinks for the duration of their stay at the venue. Please could you arrange for the soft drinks and glasses to be placed in the band changing room before arrival of the band, as this is so much easier and quicker for everyone when this is organised before the day.
    • LOGISTICS: The band ideally need a minimum of 1 hour in between set up time and the beginning of the performance to allow for their food, getting changed, made up and ready to perform. A minimum of 20 minutes is also needed in between sets. Remember, the later the band goes on, the readier for the show your guests will be!

    Ready to book?
    When you feel happy that we have answered all of your questions and are ready to go ahead with a booking, our booking process is extremely quick and simple. All you need to do is let us know you want to go ahead (via phone or email) and we will draw up a contract for you. You just need to provide us with the following details:
    • Full name of the person booking the band (for legal reasons, this must be the person who will pay the bill)
    • Date of the event
    • Exact venue address, including post code
    • Your home postal address, including postcode
    • A rough idea of band timings (ie set 1: 9 til 10, set 2: 10.30 til 11.30, Filler Music til midnight)
    (Please note the band need between 90 and 120 minutes to set up and sound check).
    And we’ll get it all sorted for you.

    We will then send you the contract and your invoice. You just need to sign it and return it with a deposit of £200 within 7 days to secure the band for that day. We will then schedule a “Peace of Mind Call” a couple of weeks before the event to make sure we go through all details / timings again for the day for your peace of mind (although you can of course call us at any time between now and then with any questions. There is always someone in the office 9am til 5pm).

    That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you!

    Remember, great bands are just like great venues! They do get booked up very early! Beat Connection is a pretty in-demand band, and most people book us a year to 16 months in advance. Do book early to avoid disappointment. And please feel free to give me a call at the office on [phone hidden] with any questions you may have at this stage.

    [url hidden]
    tel: [phone hidden] / [phone hidden]

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1 Set List

Beat Connection Set List
Up to date / Contemporary Apologise - One Republic American Boy All about that bass Bad Romance Blurred Lines Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol Crazy Chic Crazy in Love Domino Dynamite (Tayo Cruz) Everybody Move your feet Filthy and Gorgeous Firework Forget You Grace Kelly Granade - Bruno Mars Groove is in the Heart Hall of Fame (The Script) Happy - Pharrell Happy Hour Ho Hey Hold my Hand - Jess Glynne I don’t feel like dancing I got a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) I predict a riot Independent Women Jump Just Dance - Lady Gaga Lady Let me entertain you Locked out of Heaven Lola’s Theme Monster Moves Like Jagger Only Girl In The World Please Don't Stop The Music Rolling In The Deep Ruby Runaway baby Sex on Fire Shake it Off She Moves in her own way Smells like teen spirit Song 2 (Blur) Somebody Told me Sugar Super Duper Love (Digging on me) Take your mama out Teardrops Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus) This Love U & Ur Hand Uptown Funk Use somebody (Kings of Leon) Valerie Wonderwall Written in the Stars (TTinie Tempah) 80’s / 90’s Ain't nobody - Chaka Kahn Beat it - Michael Jackson Billie Jean - Michael Jackson Boheamian Rhapsody - Queen Don’t stop me now - Queen Fame - Irene Cara Get Into the Groove - Madonna Girls just wanna have fun - Cindy Lauper Heaven is a place on earth I need a hero I’m so Excited - Pointer Sisters I’m your man Living on a Prayer Love Shack Rhythm of the night Simply The best - Tina turner Summer of ’69 Sweet Child of mine Uptown Girl 70’s / Disco ABC Ain’t no stopping us now Boogie Oogie Oogie Carwash Celebration Disco Inferno Get Lucky Good Times Hot Stuff I want you back I’m in the mood for dancing Ladies Night Lady Marmalade Le Freak Oh what a night Play that Funky Music Relight My Fire Upside Down We are family 60’s Pop Daydream believer Help Jumping Jack Flash She loves you You really got me Soul Brown Eyed Girl Build me up Buttercup Chain of Fools Dancing in the Street Hard to Handle Heatwave Higher and Higher I feel Good I’m a Believer It takes two Knock on wood Long Train Running Love really hurts without you Mustang Sally Rescue Me RESPECT River Deep Mountain High Sweet Soul Music Think 50’s / 60’s Rock’n’Roll Do You love me Great Balls of Fire Hound Dog Jailhouse Rock Johnny Be Goode La Bamba Let’s Twist Again Shake your tailfeather Tutti Frutti Twist & Shout Swing Set / Rat Pack Themes Ain’t that a kick in the head Beyond the Sea Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Chattanooga Choo Choo Come fly with me Diamonds are a girl’s best friend Fever Fly Me to the moon Get happy Have you met Miss Jones I get a kick out of you It don’t mean a thing I’ve got you under my skin Lady is a tramp Let there be love Let’s face the music and dance Luck be a lady tonight Mack the Knife Oye como va Sway They can’t take that away from me You’re just too good to be true Background Jazz All of me All the things you are Autumn leaves Don’t get around much anymore Lullaby of Birdland Misty My Funny Valentine Summertime What a difference a day makes First Dances for Weddings I’ll be there (Jackson 5) Nobody does it better Something about the way you look tonight Songbird You’re just too good to be true Any First Dance the Client requests James Bond Themes Diamonds are forever From Russia with love Goldfinger James Bond Theme Live and Let Die Nobody does it better Tomorrow never dies You only live twice Grease Theme Born to Hand Jive Grease is the word Grease Lightning Rock’n’Roll is here to stay Summer Nights We go together You’re the one that I want

6 Tracks